Commercial video games list, 'r'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
R&A: Zimní PohádkyLithosphere Studios2017Linux
Raäka-TūTandy1982Tandy Coco
Rabbit Hole 3DJK Soft2014Linux
Race for your Lifeottolb2015Linux
Race OnlineIceflake StudiosTBALinux
Race the SunFlippfly2013Linux
Race the SunFlippfly2013Windows
Race.a.bitAesir Interactive2016Linux
RacerSian Software1983Camputers Lynx
Racer BallSpectral Associates1982Tandy Coco
Racing Cars. Mad RiderCarry Lab1987MSX2
Rack N RuinLifeSpark Entertainment2015Linux
Rad WarriorPalace Software1988Tandy Coco
Radar InterceptorPowersoft1979Apple II E
Radiator 2author2016Linux
Radio BallRadio Shack;Tandy1983Tandy Coco
RadJack! Post Apoc Blackjack in a City SlumItem Number Games2015Linux
raft the offical gamebrayT-raps2017Linux
Rage RunnerHypercane Studios2013Linux
Rage WarsLemondo Games2016Linux
Rage WarsLemondo Games2016Mac OS X
RahJongg: The Curse of RaUsed Star1998Windows
Rail Runner Computerware1982Tandy Coco
Railway EmpireGaming Minds Studios 2017Linux
Railyard: Match-3 EvolvedDunenkoff Games2014Linux
Rain Blood Chronicles: MirageS-Game2014Linux
Rain of DestructionTeam Raging?Linux
Rainbow RoachAfabear Software1983Tandy Coco
Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft MontrealTBA Linux
Raining blocksOrtiGames;OrtiSoft2018Linux
Raise The DeadColossal Wreck2017Linux
Raise Your Own CloneCoaguCo Industries2016Linux
Rakugaki Port??Tomy Tutor
Rally?1983Tandy Coco
RAM BOEpointfiveteam2016Linux
RampageActivision1989Tandy Coco
RandallWe The Force Studios 2017Linux
Random Access MurderTeam Murder2016Linux
Random JourneyNova Dimension2016Linux
Rapid Tap Wolfborg2018Linux
Rat Attack T&D Software1984Tandy Coco
Ratings WarChoice of Games 2015Linux
Rats & SpearsAbsolutist2004Linux
Raven’s CryTopWare Interactive2015Linux
Ravenloft: Stone ProphetDreamforge Intertainment2015Linux
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionDreamforge Intertainment2015Linux
Ravensword: ShadowlandsCrescent Moon Games2013Linux
Ray's The DeadRagtag Studio2014Linux
RC Flightauthor2015Linux
RC Fun CityLotte|EoD2018Linux
RC Mini RacersDecane2012Linux
RC Simulation 2.0devotid2015Linux
Re-VoltAcclaim Entertainment1999Windows
ReactoidTandy1983Tandy Coco
Read 'N RollDavidson & Associates1988Apple II E
Read & Spell: In the Days of Knights and CastlesTroll Associates1988Apple II E
Read Only MemoriesMidBoss2015Linux
Reader Rabbit: 1st Grade - Capers on Cloud Nine!The Learning Company2001Mac OS Classic
Reader Rabbit: 1st Grade - Capers on Cloud Nine!The Learning Company2001Windows
Reader Rabbit: 2nd Grade - Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures!The Learning Company2001Mac OS Classic
Reader Rabbit: 2nd Grade - Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures!The Learning Company2001Windows
Reader Rabbit: Kindergarten - Bounce Down in Balloon Town!The Learning Company2001Mac OS Classic
Reader Rabbit: Kindergarten - Bounce Down in Balloon Town!The Learning Company2001Windows
Reader Rabbit: Preschool - Sparkle Star RescueThe Learning Company2001Mac OS Classic
Reader Rabbit: Preschool - Sparkle Star RescueThe Learning Company2001Windows
Reading Blaster Mission 1: Secret of the Sunken TreasureKnowledge Adventure2001Mac OS Classic
Reading Blaster Mission 1: Secret of the Sunken TreasureKnowledge Adventure2001Windows
Reading Blaster Mission 2: Planet of the Lost ThingsKnowledge Adventure2001Mac OS Classic
Reading Blaster Mission 2: Planet of the Lost ThingsKnowledge Adventure2001Windows
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The NewcomersDotEmu2016Linux
Realm of NaugaChromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Coco
Realms of Arkania 2: Star TrailUnited Independent Entertainment2014Linux
Realms of Arkania 3: Shadows over Riva United Independent Entertainment2014Linux
Realms of Arkania: Blade of DestinyCrafty Studios2014Linux
Realms of ChaosApogee Software2014Linux
Realms of Rivalrynixrlame?Linux
Realms of the HauntingGremlin Interactive2014Linux
Realms of the HauntingGremlin Interactive2014Windows
Reaper - Tale of a Pale SwordsmanHexage2016Linux
Rear GuardConiah Software1983Tandy Coco
ReassemblyAnisoptera Games2015Linux
Rebel WingsButlerstyle Entertainment2016Linux
RebellionSynergy1992Atari ST
RebirthDead Man Walking Studios2013Linux
RebootStudio Retro Pulse2014Linux
ReceiverWolfire Games2012Linux
Receiving The TelegramSteven Harmon Games?Linux
Reckless Space PiratesChoice of Games2014Linux
RecochetT&D Software1984Tandy Coco
RECOG The First Wave LozMarblz 2018Linux
Recursion Deluxe2D Heroes;Ursa Games2016Linux
Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice. ReloadedBuka;S.K.I.F.2016Linux
Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska. ReloadedBuka;S.K.I.F.;Saturn Plus2016Linux
Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: ReloadedBuka;S.K.I.F.2016Linux
Red EmbraceArgent Games2018Linux
Red FactionVolition2001Mac OS X
Red GoddessYanim Studio2015Linux
Red MoonLevel 9 Computing1985Memotech MTX
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45Tripwire Interactive2012Linux
Red RiskMicroblast Games2016Linux
Red Rope: Don't Fall BehindYonder2016Linux
Red String of FateEbullience Games2016Linux
Red String of FateEbullience Games2016Mac OS X
RedieRückert Broductions2016Linux
Reel Deal Slots & Video PokerPhantom EFX2000Linux
RefactorNextGen Pants2016Linux
Reflection of a Fallen FeatherForepawSoft2017Linux
Reflection of MineRedblack Spade2017Linux
ReflectionsBroken Window Studios2016Linux
RefugeTairitsu Suru Kamigami2013Linux
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Klabater 2017Linux
Regeria Hope Episode 1Golden Game Barn2014Linux
Regions Of RuinVox Games2018Linux
Regnum Online - WarmastersNGD Studios2008Linux
Regnum OnlineNGD Studios2002Linux
Rehearsals and Returnsauthor2014Linux
Reign of BulletsCritical Bit2015Linux
ReignsNerial;Synaptic Insight Technology Systems2017Linux
Reject False IdolsLoud Noises2014Linux
Relativity Wars - A Science Space RTSFungameco2013Linux
Relax ballsvitalfadeev2017Linux
Relic Hunters ZeroRogue Snail2017Linux
RELOCKEngage Studios2013Linux
Remember TomorrowSoftWarWare1998MS-DOS
Remnants of a Beautiful DayFrom Soy Sauce2016Linux
Remnants of NaezithTolga Ay2017Linux
RencounterSPVD2017Mac OS X
Renowned Explorers: International SocietyAbbey Games2015Linux
Renowned Explorers: More to ExploreAbbey Games2016Linux
Repel Shooterauthor?Linux
ReprisalELECTROLYTE;Last 172013Linux
Reproduction Manauthor2014Linux
Reproduction Manauthor?Mac OS X
Reptilian RebellionHerrero Games2017Linux
Reptilian RebellionHerrero Games2017Mac OS X
RequiescenceArgent Games2016Linux
Rescate en el GolfoTrue Soft1990Amstrad PCW
Rescue CopterTomy1984Tomy Tutor
Rescue Copter Jr.??Tomy Tutor
Rescue Love RevengeHatchlight;Trepid Studios2016Linux
Rescue on FractalusLucasfilm Games1987Tandy Coco
Rescue your chickensauthor2016Linux
Resistance ForceADVEL2011Linux
Resource WarsE2 Games2015Linux
Respawn Attack??Linux
Restore the glow!!!Tosic?Linux
Restricted-RPSGoogum ProduceTBALinux
Retaliation: Enemy MineXTeam Software Solutions2015Linux
RetoolHut 902016Linux
Retro 3D Penalty ShootoutAslan Games?Linux
Retro CommanderNoble Master Games2013Linux
Retro Pinball Gear Worx Productions2017Linux
Retro Worldscarypixel2014Linux
RetroboosterReally Slick2013Linux
Return NULL: Episode 1Digital Tribe Entertainment2015Linux
Return NULL: Episode 2Digital Tribe Entertainment2015Linux
Return of Junior's RevengeComputerware1986Tandy Coco
Return of Red HoodNLB project2015Linux
Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced EditionNLB project2018Linux
Return of the Jet-IThundervision1983Tandy Coco
Return to DoomTopologika1988Amstrad PCW
Return to EdenLevel 9 Computing1984Memotech MTX
Return To EdenLevel 9 Computing?Nascom
Return to Planet XButterflyware2017Linux
ReusAbbey Games2017Linux
Reveal the DeepLazy Monday2015Linux
Revelade Revolution - Zombie SurvivalTheIntercooler Games2013Linux
Revenge of the TitansPuppy Games2010Linux
Revenge QuestFyn Games2017Linux
Reverence: The Ultimate Combat ExperienceMantis Studios2016Linux
ReversiBlueLine Games2015Linux
ReversiContinental Software1984Memotech MTX
Reversion - The Escape3f Interactivo2013Linux
Reversion: Chapter 2 - The Meeting3f Interactivo2013Linux
Revhead Creative Pudding Hungary2017Linux
Revolution: Virtual PlayspaceDragom2015Linux
RevolveRusty Bolt2017Linux
Rex Hightower and the Unicorn's Kissauthor2014Linux
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderMPS Labs2014Linux
Rex RocketCastle Pixel2014Linux
RGBBig Boom Games2013Linux
Rho The Undefined Journey12 Villains2013Linux
RibbitPiccadilly Software 1982Apple II E
Richy's NightmaresUnreal Gaming2018Linux
Ricks HunterDG STUDIO2016Linux
Ricks HunterDG STUDIO2016Mac OS X
Rico – A Tale Of Two BrothersIMakeGames2013Linux
Riddled CorpsesDiabolical Mind2015Linux
Ride the BulletRadJor2014Linux
Riders of AsgardGobbo Games2017Linux
Riders of AsgardGobbo Games2017Mac OS X
Ridiculous GlitchingFirepunchd?Linux
Rie's Candy CatchLink-NM?Linux
Rift's CaveFrost Earth Studio2016Linux
Righty Tighty XLNickervision Studios2018Linux
RimWorldLudeon Studios2018Linux
Ring Runner: Flight of the SagesTriple.B.Titles2016Linux
Ring Runner: Flight of the SagesTriple.B.Titles2016Windows
RingquestRainbow1985Tandy Coco
RIOTauthor;IV ProductionsTBA Linux
Riot of the numbersauthor2017Linux
RiotBallIronCode Software?Linux
RiptaleSuper God 2017Linux
RiseStarLyte GAMES2015Linux
Rise & ShineSuper Mega Team2017Linux
Rise of IndustryDapper Penguin Studios2018Linux
Rise of InsanityRed Limb Studio2018Linux
Rise of the RavagerGentleman Squid Studio2013Linux
Rise of the Triad: Dark WarApogee2014Linux
Rise of the WastelandersRadioactive Gears2014Linux
Rise to RuinsRayvolution2015Linux
Rise: Battle LinesDigital Tribe Games2015Linux
Risen ForestVivid Reality2015Linux
Rising Angels: HopeIDHAS Studios2016Linux
Rising Angels: RebornIDHAS Studios2013Linux
Rising Angels: RebornIDHAS Studios2013Windows
Rising Angels: The Red RoseIDHAS Studios2013Linux
Rising RunnerMagicbane2016Linux
Rising WorldJIW-Games2016Linux
Risk of RainHopoo Games2014Linux
Risky RescueDigital Melody2016Linux
Ristorante AmoreCyanide Tea2012Linux
Rite of LifeRebourne Studios 2017Linux
Ritmo EPNoisemakerGame2015Linux
Ritual DementiaSithog2013Linux
RivalryKew McParlane2016Linux
RIVETwo Tribes2016Linux
River City Ransom: UndergroundConatus Creative2017Linux
River City Ransom: UndergroundConatus Creative2017Mac OS X
Road Dogs Teletower Studios 2017Linux
Road RedemptionDarkSeas Games2017Linux
Robin Hood: Give and TakeAdsumsoft2015Linux
Robin Hood: The Legend of SherwoodSpellbound Entertainment2004Mac OS X
Robin Hood: The Legend of SherwoodSpellbound Entertainment2004Linux
RobixVidéomatique;Lacral Softwanre1986EXL 100
Robo Do ItGlossware Games2017Linux
Robo Do ItGlossware Games2017Mac OS X
Robo MinerReiti2013Linux
Robo's World: The Zarnok FortressBluish-Green Prodcutions2015Linux
Robot BattleSpectral Associates1981Tandy Coco
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeballauthor2015Linux
Robot vs Birds Zombiesyfyx games2015Linux
Robot vs Birds Zombiesyfyx games2015Linux
RobotexYFYX GAMES2015Linux
RobottackIntracolor?Tandy Coco
RochardRecoil Games2012Linux
Rochard: Hard TimesRecoil Games2012Linux
Rock Boshers DX: Directors CutTikipod2014PS Vita
Rock God TycoonEmberWulf2017Linux
Rock RunGigabyte Solutions2013Linux
Rock ZombieQuaternion Studio2014Linux
Rocket BlastersSchmidt Workshops2017Linux
Rocket CommandSpectrum Games1983ZX Spectrum
Rocket FistAmnia Interactive2015Linux
Rocket KiwiNoctis Productions2015Linux
Rocket LeaguePsyonixTBALinux
Rocket Punk LemtzasLemtzas?Linux
Rocket WarsArchon Interactive2017Linux
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenRatloop2012Linux
Rogue Beach, CAAnanasblau Games2013Linux
Rogue ContinuumRocktastic Games2015Linux
Rogue SingularityConsiderable Content2016Linux
Rogue StormersBlack Forest Games2016Linux
Rogue's TaleEpixx.org2015Linux
RogueSweeperMutant Gangland2015Linux
Roll a BallTranium2015Linux
Roll-A-WordChildren's Computer Workshop?Tandy Coco
Roll'dMGP Studios2016Linux
Roller ControllerSpectral Associates1986Tandy Coco
RollerballOcean Software1983C64
RollerCoaster Tycoon WorldNvizzio Creations2015Linux
RollerCoaster Tycoon: ClassicChris Sawyer Productions;Origin8 Technologies2016Android
Rolling SurvivalAdrenal Games2013Linux
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIIIKoei Tecmo Games2016Windows
Rommel 3-DMichTron1985Tandy Coco
Rommel 3-DMichDeal1986Dragon32
Rommel's RevengeDesign Design1983ZX Spectrum
Rommel's RevengeRainbow Software1984Dragon32
Rommel's RevengeDesign Design1985Amstrad CPC
RomopolisLonely Troops2016Linux
Romper Room's I Love My AlphabetFountainhead Software1984Apple II E
Romper Room's I Love My AlphabetFountainhead Software1984Atari 400/800
Romper Room's I Love My AlphabetFountainhead Software1984C64
Romper Room's I Love My AlphabetBeyond1985ZX Spectrum
RoommatesWinter Wolves2014Linux
Rooms: The Unsolvable PuzzleHandMade Game2015Linux
ROOTDeep Fried Enterprises2015Linux
RorschaxCarbide Software2013Linux
Rose & Timeauthor?Linux
Rose of WinterPillow Fight2016Linux
Rotate ManiaAbsolutist2009Linux
Round BattleJindoBlu2015Linux
RoundaboutNo Goblin2014Linux
Rover The DragonslayerDev4play2016Linux
Royal Casino: Video PokerBullid Games2018Linux
RPG MOMarxnet;ResideSin2015Linux
Rube WorksElectric Eggplant;Kalani Games2014Linux
Rubicon IIArk Royal Games1983Tandy Coco
RubledAbrupt Games2016Linux
Ruction: The Golden TabletRuction Games2017Linux
Rugged KingdomTom Rusty Parrot2014Linux
RUINERReikon Games2016Linux
RumbleOverflow2015Mac OS X
RumpusPolyraptor Games 2017Linux
Run Away BCH waves studio 2017Linux
Run Cyber, Run!author?Linux
Run for the MoneyTom Snyder Productions1984Atari 400/800
Run for the MoneyTom Snyder Productions1984Mac OS Classic
Run For The MoneyTom Snyder Productions1984Apple II E
Run for the MoneyTom Snyder Productions1984MS-DOS
Run or DieTeam Flow2016Linux
Run Rabbit RunFLAT122016Linux
Run Zeus RunGamerzDan2017Linux
Rune LegendDreadlocks2013Linux
RunesHeadup Games2016Linux
Runes of BrennosLuGus Studios2014Linux
Runic RampageElectrocosmos2017Linux
Runic RuinsBtpPrograms?Linux
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienGaijin Games2013Linux
Running Capsuleauthor2013Linux
Running with RiflesModulaatio Games2015Linux
Runt of the LitterChoice of Games2017Linux
Runt of the LitterChoice of Games2017Mac OS X
Rupert Rythym: The Music Box Caperauthor1988Tandy Coco
RUSHTwo Tribes2014Linux
Rush'N AssaultDiecom1988Tandy Coco
RUSHER DominanceYuisy;Exkee2013Linux
RustFacepunch Studios2018Linux
Rustbucket RumbleReactor Zero2015Linux
Rusted Warfare - RTSCorroding Games2017Linux
Ruzar - The Life StoneHammer Glass Studio2015Linux
Rym 9000Sonoshee2018Linux
RyzomWinch Gate Properties2010Linux