Commercial video games list, 't'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
t- e ni hтm-are of·`a c tyauthor2016Linux
T.E.C 3001Phoenix Game Studio2014Linux
T.E.R.R.A.Starcave EntertainmentTBA Linux
TableTop SoccerDancing Developers2016Linux
Tablets of HippocratesFawkes Computing1984C16/Plus4
TAC: Tactical Armor CommandThe Avalon Hill Game Company1983Atari 400/800
TAC: Tactical Armor CommandThe Avalon Hill Game Company1983Apple II E
TAC: Tactical Armor CommandThe Avalon Hill Game Company1983C64
Taco Taco TacocoPorto Combo2015Linux
TacomaFullbright Studios2016Linux
TacopocalypseCherry Pie Games2016Linux
Tactics ForeverProjectorGames 2017Linux
TactileRufusPro Software1989MS-DOS
Tadpole TrebleBitFinity2016Linux
Tag??Tomy Tutor
Tahira: Echoes of the Astral EmpireWhale Hammer Games2016Linux
TAIKERTeam 4U2016Linux
TaipanJaysoft1983ZX Spectrum
TajpanJaysoft1984ZX Spectrum
Take a Chanceauthor2016Linux
Take Careauthor2014Linux
Take Me Awayauthor2016Linux
Take the A-Train IVArtdink Corporation1993NEC PC9801
Take the A-Train IVArtdink Corporation1993FM Towns
TAKENMath Nerd Productions;Undead Yeti Software2015Linux
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs AttackDrinkBox Studios2014Linux
Tales of Adventure 2betaspark2014Linux
Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the WolfWinter Wolves2014Linux
Tales of BerseriaBandai Namco Studios2017Windows
Tales of FinJeffwise?Linux
Tales of IllyriaLittle Killerz2013Linux
Tales of Illyria: Fallen KnightLittle Killerz2013Android
Tales of Maj'Eyalauthor2011Linux
Tales of Maj'Eyal: Ashes of Urh'rokauthor?Linux
Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of RageNetcore2016Linux
Tales of the Candy Scrolls: Tokyo Edge Sagaauthor?Linux
Tales of the Orient: The Rising SunGreensauce Games2014Linux
Tales of Zestiriatri-Crescendo;Bandai Namco Studio2015Windows
Talk to AyaLight2017Linux
Talking Addition & SubtractionOrange Cherry Software1989Apple IIGS
Talking Cloze Technique: Greek MythologyOrange Cherry Software1991Apple IIGS
Talking SpellerOrange Cherry Software1989Apple IIGS
Talking U.S.A. MapOrange Cherry Software1989Apple IIGS
Tally HoChoice of Games2017Linux
Tangled Up!2Pi Interactive2016Linux
TangledeepImpact Gameworks2017Linux
Tank Assault XStarwind Games2017Linux
Tank at the GatesHuly-Gun Soft?Linux
Tank AttackIQ Games1989Amstrad PCW
Tank for TwoAardvark Technical Services1978Ohio Scientific
Tank TrapSPD Software1977Ohio Scientific
Tank TrapQuality Software1980DEC PDP-1
Tank TrapQuality Software1978Exidy Sorcerer
Tank TrapQuality Software1980Atari 400/800
Tank TrapSPD Software1977Ohio Scientific
Tank WarsHuman Engineered Software1982VIC-20
Tank WarsMachine Language Games1983VIC-20
Tank WarsMachine Language Games1983C64
Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank SimulationSpectrum Holobyte2015Linux
TankCraftSnowdon Games2014Linux
Tanke Assultalehandro2016Linux
Tanks80 Micros1982Tandy Coco
Tanks HeroesWolf Games2013Linux
Tanks Of Freedomauthor2014Linux
TannenbergBlackmill Games ;M2H2017Linux
TAOTH - The Adventures of the Herkulezauhor2018Linux
Tapaka!Raed Entertainment2013Linux
TapewormContinental Software1984Memotech MTX
Tappy BirdGamepopper?Linux
Task Force 1942: Surface Naval Action in the South PacificMicroProse2016Linux
TatsuBlueLine Games2016Linux
Tavern Of HeroesOptim GameStudioTBALinux
TaxiChildren's Computer Workshop1982Tandy Coco
Tea Party Simulator 2015Liens;Power Up to Maximum2015Linux
Tea Party Simulator 2015Liens;Power Up to Maximum2015Windows
Tea Time Pocket Money Software;Microdeal1985Tandy Coco
Teacher TroubleZenobi Software1989ZX Spectrum
Team Fortress 2Valve2012Linux
Team Fortress ClassicValve2013Linux
Team IndieBrightside GamesTBA Linux
Teasers by TobbsTandy?Tandy Coco
Tech Executive TycoonWEB Gaming Entertainment2016Linux
Technicolour RainSleepy Studios?Linux
TechnobabylonWadjet Eye Games;Technocrat2015Linux
TechnolustIRIS V.R.2014Linux
Tecno NinjaYoda's Video Arcade2015Atari 400/800
Ted The JumperBulkypix2015Linux
Teddy Floppy Ear - The RaceForever Entertainment2015Linux
Tekken 7NamcoTBA Linux
Telepath RPG: Servants of GodSinister Design2012Linux
Telepath TacticsSinister Design2015Linux
Tell a DemonSun Labyrinth2015Linux
Telling Time with DonaldWalt Disney Computer Software?Tandy Coco
TempestLion's Shade2016Linux
Templar BattleforceTrese Brothers2015Linux
Temple of ROMTandy1984Tandy Coco
Temporus2015TBA Linux
TennisExelvision1985EXL 100
TennisTandy1982Tandy Coco
Tennis Elbow 2013Mana Games2013Linux
Tennis Elbow ManagerMana Games2013Linux
Tenshu GeneralTenshu General2013Linux
TentacularityTentacular Industries2008Linux
Terminal HackerLord_Loej 2016Linux
Terminal Hacker - Into the DeepSecuritySession.com2015Linux
Terminal VelocityTerminal Reality2015Linux
Terra MysticaDIGIDICED 2017Linux
Terra: FormationsCellien Studios;Star Cave Studios2013Linux
TerranHeathen Engineering2016Linux
Terrarium LandLayer games2016Linux
TerraTechPayload Studios2015Linux
TERRIAN SAGA: KR-17Wonderfling2014Linux
TerroidDigital Nightmares1997Linux
TerroirGeneral Interactive2017Linux
Terror LabGenomGames2016Linux
Tesla Breaks the World!Archetype Global2014Linux
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy AdventureBig Finish Games2014Linux
Tesla vs Lovecraft10tons2018Linux
Tesla: The Weather ManThoughtquake Studios2011Windows
TeslagradRain Games2013Linux
Test SubjectBroski_Games2013Linux
TetherFreesphere Entertainment2017Linux
TetrapulseThe Amiable2016Linux
TetrisEA Mobile2016TizenOS
TetrisRowan Software1988Amstrad PCW
Tetris Onlineauthor2016Linux
Tetrobot and CoSwing Swing Submarine2013Linux
Tex Murphy: Martian MemorandumAccess Software;Night Dive Studios2014Linux
Tex Murphy: Mean StreetsAccess Software;Night Dive Studios2014Linux
Tex Murphy: OverseerAccess Software;Night Dive Studios2014Linux
Tex Murphy: The Pandora DirectiveAccess Software;Night Dive Studios2014Linux
Tex Murphy: Under a Killing MoonAccess Software;Night Dive Studios2014Linux
That Dam Level reduxnoiarc2016Linux
That Dragon, CancerNuminous Games 2016Linux
Thaumistry: In Charm's WayBobbates2017Linux
The $camPyrofoux?Linux
The 11th HourTrilobyte2014Linux
The 39 StepsThe Story Mechanics2013Linux
The 5th AxisLoriciels1985Thomson
The 5th AxisLoriciels1985Thomson
The 7th GuestTrilobyte2013Windows
The 7th GuestTrilobyte2013Linux
The 8th Wonder of the WorldRunesoft2012Linux
The A.Typical RPGPyrodactyl2011Linux
The Act Of WritingLimbclock?Linux
The Adventures of Capitano Navarro Navarro Games 2017Linux
The Adventures of DashRobotokiTBALinux
The Adventures of Fei Duanmu 端木斐异闻录致意2017Linux
The Adventures of Mr. Bobleyauthor2015Linux
The Adventures of Rick RocketMy Game Company2009Linux
The Adventures of ScottieStudio FondueTBALinux
The Adventures of ShuggySmudged Cat Games2015Linux
The Adventures of TreeNinjaISV;TigerNDV2016Linux
The Amazing FrogFayju2016Linux
The Amazon TrailThe Learning Company1994Win3.1
The Amazon TrailMECC1993MS-DOS
The Amazon TrailThe Learning Company1996Windows
The Ancient Art Of War At SeaEvryware1988Apple II E
The Ancient Art of War at SeaEvryware1987MS-DOS
The Apeiron ProjectFootprint Games2013Linux
The Apotheosis ProjectMidian Design2015Linux
The ArchitectSpooky Star2014Linux
The Archotek Project The Archotek Project Development Team 2017Linux
The Astonishing GameTurbo Tape Games 2017Linux
The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha BrowneLemonsucker Games2016Linux
The Away TeamUnderflow Studios 2017Linux
THE AWKWARD STEVE DUOLOGYOh, a Rock! Studios2017Linux
The Balloonist: Beyond the Clouds.Main Leaf;Pandamonium Games Design2017Linux
The Banner SagaStoic Studio2015Linux
The Banner Saga 2Stoic StudioTBA Linux
The Barbarian and the Subterranean CavesNLB2017Linux
The Bard's TaleinXile Entertainment2013Linux
The Bard's Tale IVinXile EntertainmentTBALinux
The Beginner's GuideEverything Unlimited2015Linux
The Beginning Of The EndZenobi Software1992ZX Spectrum
The BibliophileMTW2014Linux
The Binding of Isaacauthor2011Linux
The Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthNicalis2014Linux
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthNicalis2014Linux
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthNicalis20153DS
The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lambauthor2012Linux
The Black SanctumMark Data Products1981Tandy Coco
The Black SanctumMark Data Products1983Tandy Coco
The Black TowerZenobi Software1984ZX Spectrum
The BlackboardChildren's Computer Workshop?Tandy Coco
The Blackwell ConvergenceWadjet Eye Games2012Linux
The Blackwell DeceptionWadjet Eye Games?Linux
The Blackwell EpiphanyWadjet Eye Games2014Linux
The Blackwell LegacyWadjet Eye Games?Linux
The Body ChangerTheShortAndTheTall2015Linux
The BomberAstar International1980Apple II E
The Book of Unwritten TalesKING Art Games2012Linux
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2KING Art Games2015Linux
The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter ChroniclesKING Art Games2012Linux
The BossPeaksoft1984Oric
The Boyd FileZenobi Software1991ZX Spectrum
The Bridgeauthor2014Linux
The Bug ButcherAwfully Nice StudiosTBALinux
The BurrowFewer Words2013Linux
The ButtonPineapple Lime?Linux
The ByteCCS1983ZX Spectrum
The Candy Runner SagaSkyMarshal?Linux
The Candy Skull Lords: The Candy Crisis!author?Linux
The CandyMan Saga: Chase of the Candy KingMegawacky Max?Linux
The Cards Never Lieauthor2012Linux
The Caribbean SailVictorian Clambake2017Linux
The Castle DoctrineHC Software2013Linux
The Castles of Dr. Creepauthor2016Linux
The Castles of Dr. Creepauthor2012BSD
The Cat LadyHarvester Games2014Linux
The Cat MachineCranktrain2015Linux
The CaveDouble Fine Productions2013Linux
The Caves of OberonRadarsoft1985C64
The Caves of OberonRadarsoft1986MSX
The ChallengeAtum Software2016Linux
The Chaos EngineThe Bitmap Brothers;Mastertronic2014Linux
The Charged CircleSeptember Park Studio2015Linux
The Chicken Painqwerty games2015Linux
The Clockwork ManTotal Eclipse2011Linux
The Clockwork Man: The Hidden WorldTotal Eclipse2011Linux
The CoCo Zone??Tandy Coco
The Code is RedEvil Cat?Linux
The coin and the gunBen Studio2014Linux
The ColliderShortbreak Studios2016Linux
The Coma: RecutDevespresso Games2017Linux
The Communist Dogifestoauthor2018Linux
The ContrasSundog Systems1993Tandy Coco
The CountAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
The Count LucanorBaroque Decay2016Linux
The Craziness of The Cubeauthor?Linux
The Crowded Party Game Collectioncrowgames2017Linux
The CullingXaviant Games2016Linux
The Curious ExpeditionMaschinen-Mensch2016Linux
The Curse of Crowley ManorAdventure International1981Tandy Coco
The Curse of Nordic CoveOn The Level Game Studios2013Linux
The Daring Mermaid ExpeditionChoice of Games2016Linux
The Dark Eye: Skilltree SagaSilent Dreams2014Linux
The Darkside DetectiveSpooky Doorway2017Linux
The DeerChubby Pixel2015Linux
The Deerauthor2015Windows
The Deer GodCrescent Moon Games2015Linux
The Depths of TolagalAngry Toad Studios2015Linux
The DetailRival Games2015Linux
The Devil’s MenDaedalic EntertainmentTBA Linux
The Difficult Times of the Mario Brothersauthor2015Linux
The DigLucasArts2015Linux
The Diplomat's Professor David MillsDavid Mills?Tandy Coco
The Dishwasher: Vampire SmileSka Studios2016Linux
The DistrictKotach2016Linux
The DollsHUSH Interactive2016Linux
The Dolls' Stories??Linux
The Dope GameCoaguCo Industries2016Linux
The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2Two Desperados2015Linux
The Duenkhy??Linux
The DungeoningPhysmo2014Linux
The Dwarf Runauthor2015Linux
The DwarvesKING Art Games2016Linux
The DwellerVillainous Games2016Linux
The Eagle's HeirChoice of Games2017Linux
The Early Birdauthor2014Linux
The East New WorldTEN10 Games2016Linux
The Easy Wayauthor?Linux
The Edge of Candy: Scroll Saga Deluxeauthor?Linux
The Edge! Ultra EditionFreak Mind Games2012Linux
The Electric ShocktopusTestTubeGames2015Linux
The ElevatorCyanide Tea2012Linux
The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of DreamsGogii Games2016Linux
The Enchanted Cave 2author2015Linux
The EscapistBackstab Games2012Linux
The EscapistsMouldy Toof Studios2015Linux
The Escapists 2Mouldy Toof Studios2017Linux
The Escapists: AlcatrazMouldy Toof Studios2016Linux
The Escapists: Duct Tapes Are ForeverMouldy Toof Studios2016Linux
The Escapists: Fhurst Peak Correctional FacilityMouldy Toof Studios2016Linux
The Escapists: The Escape TeamMouldy Toof Studios2016Linux
The Escapists: The Walking DeadTeam17 Digital2015Linux
The ExiledFairytale Distillery2016Linux
The FactorySunburst Communications1984Tandy Coco
The Falconers: MoonlightBionic Penguin Studios2016Linux
The FallOver The Moon2014Linux
The Fall of GyesBlack Cloud Studios2016Linux
The Fall of the DawnGolden Plate Games2014Linux
The Fall of the Dungeon GuardiansMana Games2015Linux
The Fall Part 2: UnboundOver The Moon2016Linux
The Fall Part 2: UnboundOver The Moon2017Linux
The Fifth ExpeditionSnapjaw Games2016Linux
The Final CountdownElise?Linux
The Final StationDo My Best;Games2016Linux
The Final TakeHUSH Interactive2016Linux
The FlockVogelsap2015Linux
The Flower Shop: Summer In FairbrookWinterwolves2014Linux
The Flower Shop: Winter In FairbrookWinterwolves2012Linux
The Food RunBattenberg Software2016Linux
The Fool's RevengeLost Code Studios?Linux
The ForceAnteco Software1982Tandy Coco
The Forest at World's EndInterceptor Software1984ZX Spectrum
The Forest at World's EndInterceptor Software1985Amstrad CPC
The Forgettable DungeonHappy Box Games2016Linux
The Forgotten Onesauthor2016Linux
The Fourth Protocol: The GameElectronic Pencil1987Amstrad CPC
The Francy Droo & Friends CollectionOh, a Rock! Studios2015Linux
The FrogTom Mix Software1983Tandy Coco
The Girl and the RobotFlying Carpets Games2016Linux
The God's ChainCRASS Infotech2016Linux
The Golden VoyageAdventure International1983Tandy Coco
The Good Monsterauthor2015Linux
The Grave DiggerHome Groan Games2013Linux
The GraveyardTale of Tales2014Linux
The Great FusionLoading Home2015Linux
The Great Jitters: Pudding Panickunst-stoff2012Linux
The Great Sarah Wiener KochspielVilla Hirschberg2009Linux
The Great Sarah Wiener KochspielVilla Hirschberg2009Linux
The Great Space SaladKuGrou2014Linux
The Great TournamentHosted Games2017Linux
The Great Whale RoadSunburned Games2016Linux
The Greatest Adventureauthor2015Linux
The GroundskeeperPedestrianCrossing2013Linux
The Growth JourneyCleverweekTBALinux
The Heart of the EarthDeadBrainGaming2017Linux
The HerdAlpha Tech Studio?Linux
The Hero of KendrickstoneChoice of Games2015Linux
The Hero Project: Redemption SeasonChoice of Games2016Linux
The Hero TrapSMASHWORX2014Linux
The Hero Unmasked!Choice of Games2015Linux
The HexDaniel Mullins Games 2017Linux
The HexDaniel Mullins Games2017Mac OS X
The HitaDFPTBA Linux
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1986Amiga
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984MS-DOS
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1987Amstrad CPC
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyBig Red Computer Club1993Apple IIGS
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984Apple II E
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1985Tatung Einstein
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984C64
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1986Amstrad PCW
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984Atari 400/800
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1985Atari ST
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984C16/Plus4
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984TI99
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984TRS-80
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984Tandy Coco
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1984Mac OS Classic
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyInfocom1985C128
The HiveSkydome Entertainment 2016Linux
The Hostsauthor2015Linux
The HumThotwiseTBALinux
The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!Deep Silver2009Windows
The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!?2009Nintendo DS
The Hunt: Survival SimulatorauthorTBA Linux
The I of the DragonPrimal2017Linux
The Impossible GameGrip Games2014Linux
The Infectious Madness of Doctor DekkerD'Avekki Studios2017Linux
The Infinite BlackSpellbook2016Linux
The Inner WorldStudio Fizbin2015Linux
The Inner World: The Last Windmonk Studio Fizbin 2017Linux
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and PizzaboyOKAM STUDIO2015Linux
The Interbank IncidentSpectral Associates1985Tandy Coco
The Intruderauthor2013Linux
The Inverted EvolutionRacing Bros2016Linux
The Invisible Handsick lad2014Linux
The IslandCrystal Computing1983ZX Spectrum
The IslandVirgin Games1983ZX Spectrum
The IsleThe IsleTBALinux
The Journey Backauthor2015Linux
The Journey Down: Chapter OneSkyGoblin2012Linux
The Journey Down: Chapter OneSkyGoblin2012Windows
The Journey Down: Chapter ThreeSkyGoblin2017Linux
The Journey Down: Chapter TwoSkyGoblin2014Linux
The Journeyman Project: Pegasus PrimePresto Studios2014Linux
The Joylancer EX+: Legendary Motor Rivalsalpha six productionsTBA Linux
The Jungle BookVirgin Interactive1995MS-DOS
The Junior Science Series Volume 1: ReflectionsKeshet Orion1997Win3.1
The Junior Science Series Volume 2: ShadowsKeshet Orion1997Win3.1
The Junior Science Series Volume 3: DirectionsKeshet Orion1997Win3.1
The Junior Science Series Volume 4: DistanceKeshet Orion1997Win3.1
The Junior Science Series Volume 5: LightKeshet Orion1997Win3.1
The KeeperLudic2016Linux
The KingCH Robertson Consultants1986QL
The King of Fighters 2000SNK2015Linux
The King's ChallengeInfamous Quests2016Linux
The Kingdom of Syree III: The Depths of HellEverlasting Software?MS-DOS
The Labyrinth of TimeTerra Nova Development2004Linux
The Lack Of FeedbackLimbclock?Linux
The LairFreebooter Software1985Tandy Coco
The Land Before Time: Math AdventureSound Source Interactive1999Mac OS Classic
The Land Before Time: Math AdventureSound Source Interactive1999Win3.1
The Land Before Time: Math AdventureSound Source Interactive1998Windows
The Land of Eyas?2016Linux
The Land Of LamiaEddy Games2015Linux
The Last Birdling InvertMouse2017Linux
The Last BladeSNK2015Linux
The Last Days of DoomTopologika1990Amstrad PCW
The Last Disbelieverauthor2014Linux
The Last Dogmaauthor2015Linux
The Last DoorThe Game Kitchen2013Linux
The Last Door: Season 2The Game Kitchen2016Linux
The Last ExtinctionSteelRock StudiosTBA Linux
The Last FederationArcen Games2014Linux
The Last Federation - Betrayed HopeArcen Games2015Linux
The Last Federation - Lost TechnologiesArcen Games2015Linux
The Last JourneySleepless Clinic2017Linux
The Last LeviathanSuper Punk Games2016Linux
The Last Little Monsterauthor2015Linux
The Last MissionOpera Soft1987Amstrad PCW
The Last Nightauthor2014Linux
The Last NightMary - A Lenda do Cabeça de CuiaSubmersivo Game Studio2015Linux
The Last TimeBig Cow Studios2014Linux
The Last Tinker: City of ColorsMimimi Productions2014Linux
The Last WarlockSonic Sloth Games2015Linux
The Legend of Kuzuxixgames2015Linux
The Legend of KyrandiaWestwood1992MS-DOS
The Legend of Penshoonutmr2016Linux
The Lion KingEast Point Software1996Windows
The Lion KingWestwood Studios;East Point Software2016Linux
The Lion's Song: Episode 1 - SilenceMi'pu'mi Games2017Linux
The Lion's Song: Episode 2Mi'pu'mi Games2017Linux
The Lion's Song: Episode 3Mi'pu'mi Games2017Linux
The Lion's Song: Episode 4Mi'pu'mi Games2017Linux
The Little AcrePewter Games Studios2016Linux
The Little Crane That CouldGame Studio Abraham Stolk2014Linux
The Little Plane That CouldGame Studio Abraham Stolk2014Linux
The Living DungeonRadiationBurn2016Linux
The Lonesome FogMight and Delight2016Linux
The Long DarkHinterland Studio2017Linux
The Lost Heir 2: Forging a KingdomHosted Games2016Linux
The Lost Heir 3: Demon WarHosted Games2016Linux
The Lost Heir: The Fall of DariaHosted Games2016Linux
The Lost IslandAllebi Games2013Linux
The Lost Kingdom of ZkulTalent Computer Systems1984QL
The Lost Treasures of InfocomInfocom1993Apple IIGS
The Low Road XGen Studios 2017Linux
The Lurking HorrorInfocom1987Amstrad PCW
The Madness of Little EmmaBartosz Bojarowski2015Linux
The Magic CircleQuestion 2015Windows
The Magic CircleQuestion2015Linux
The Mahjong HuntressNawia Games2016Linux
The Maker's EdenScrewy Lightbulb2014Linux
The Mammoth: A Cave Painting inbetweengames2018Linux
The Man in the Capeauthor2013Linux
The MartiansECD-SEW Comp.Workshop1981Atom
The MasterplanShark Punch2015Linux
The Math Adventures of Oscarauthor2015Linux
The Mean Greens: Plastic WarfareVirtual Basement2015Linux
The MiasmaBinary Beal Studios2015Linux
The MicrobugsSherston Software1989BBC
The Mims BeginningSquatting Penguins2016Linux
The Mind of MarloPoint Bleep Studios2017Linux
The Mind's EclipseMind's Eclipse Interactive2018Linux
The Monster InsideRandom Seed Games2017Linux
The Monster MineGem Software1983Dragon32
The Monster MineGem Software1982ZX 81
The Monster MineGem Software1982ZX Spectrum
The MOON to the EAST, the SUN to the WESTinsani2004Linux
The MoosemanShinzironine2015Linux
The Museum of Anything GoesMarkowski-Robertson;Wayzata Technology1995Win3.1
The Music Machineauthor2014Linux
The Mystery of OAK ISLANDVisionaire StudioTBA Linux
The NADI ProjectMonkeys Tales Studio2016Linux
The Narrator Is a DICKauthor2016Linux
The Next Penelope: Race to OdysseusAurelien Regard2015Linux
The Next WorldIlluminated Games2016Linux
The Nightmare CooperativeLucky Frame2014Linux
The NovelistOrthogonal Games2014Linux
The NovelistOrthogonal Games2013Windows
The OdysseyCrazysoft2016Linux
The Operative: No One Lives ForeverMonolith ProductionsTBA Linux
The Oracle's CaveDoric Computer Services1983ZX Spectrum
The Oracle's CaveDorcas1984C64
The Oracle's CaveDoric Computer Services1981ZX 81
The Orchard of Stray SheepNamaage2016Linux
The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition - Pioneer AdventuresThe Learnin Company1997Windows
The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition - Pioneer AdventuresThe Learnin Company1997Mac OS Classic
The ORPHEUS RuseChoice of Games2015Linux
The Other 99Burning Arrow2016Linux
The Outer PlanetEntertainment Studios?Linux
The ParkFuncomTBAWindows
The PawnMagnetic Scrolls1985Amstrad PCW
The PenguinYohan Games2013Linux
The Perils of ManIF Games2015Linux
The Perils of WillySoftware Projects1984VIC-20
The Phantom SlayerMed Systems Software;MicroDeal1982Tandy Coco
The PianoMistaken Visions2013Linux
The Pirate: Caribbean HuntHome Net Games2016Linux
The Pirate: Plague of the DeadHome Net Games2017Linux
The PlanKrillbite Studio2013Linux
The Polynomial: Space of the musicDmytry2010Linux
The PondSunburst Communications1984Tandy Coco
The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of TownsvilleRadiangames2014Linux
The Princess Bride GameWorldwide Biggies2008Linux
The ProcessLimbclock?Linux
The Puppet MasterAMS Game Development Association2016Linux
The Puzzle Adventures of Oscarauthor2015Linux
The Quantum PrincipleQuantum Game Studio2014Linux
The Queen Of ThievesWinter Wolves2012Linux
The Queen Of ThievesWinter Wolves2012Mac OS X
The QuestCommodore1983VIC-20
The Quest for Thelda: A Journey into AdventureSundog Systems1989Tandy Coco
The RaceClockWize1990C64
The Rain Spirit : Code BreakerWaves and Blaze2017Linux
The Rainbow MachineIkiGames2013Linux
The Raven - Legacy of a Master ThiefKING Art2013Linux
The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief Chapter II: Ancestry of LiesKING Art2014Linux
The Real Texaskittylambda games2013Linux
The Rebellion of AltairVivid Reality2015Linux
The Red Strings ClubDeconstructeam2018Linux
The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — PreludeLupiesoft2015Linux
The Revenge of Johnny Bonaseraauthor2016Linux
The Royal TrapHanako Games2013Linux
The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The CrownHanako Games?Linux
The Rugrats Adventure GameBrøderbund1997Windows
The Rugrats Adventure GameBrøderbund1997Mac OS Classic
The Runesauthor2015Linux
The Runes of ZendosDorcas1984ZX Spectrum
The Sad Story of Emmeline Burnsebi-hime2016Linux
The Saga of the Candy Scrollauthor?Linux
The Samaritan ParadoxScreen 72014Linux
The SapperEducational Games2017Linux
The Saturn 9 CollectionEcto2014Linux
The Schoolmaze Adventure??Tandy Coco
The Sea EternalChoice of Games2016Linux
The Secret AgentStainless Software1984TI99
The Secret of Tremendous Corporationauthor2015Linux
The Secret of Tremendous Corporationauthor2015Windows
The Secret Order 2: Masked IntentSunward Games2015Linux
The Secret Order 3: Ancient TimesSunward Games2016Linux
The Secret Order 4: Beyond TimeSunward Games2016Linux
The Secret Order 5: The Buried KingdomSunward Games2017Linux
The Secret Order 6: BloodlineSunward Games2017Linux
The Settlers OnlineBlue Byte2010Windows
The Seventh Game: PrecursorsG33X Nexus Entertainment?Linux
The Shady Story IVNiriko2017Linux
The Sharpest BladeElrel Studios?Linux
The Ship: RemastedBlazing Griffin2016Linux
The ShivahWadjet Eye Games2006Linux
The ShopkeeperMastertronic2014Linux
The Signal From TölvaBig Robot2017Linux
The SimsMaxis2000Mac OS Classic
The SimsMaxis2001Mac OS X
The Sims: Castaway StoriesEA Games2008Mac OS X
The sky
The Slaughter: Act OneBrainchild2016Linux
The Solus ProjectHourences;Grip Games2015Linux
The Song of SevenEnlightened Games2016Linux
The Sparkle 2: EVOForever Entertainment;Pastel Games;Madman Theora Games2013Linux
The Sparkle ZEROMMEU2016Linux
The SpatialsWeird and Wry2015Linux
The Spatials: GalactologyWeird and Wry2016Linux
The Stanley Enigmaauthor?Linux
The Stanley ParableGalactic Cafe2013Linux
The StargazersLupiesoft2016Linux
The State QuizLUKULUS2016Linux
the static speaks my nameJesse Barksdale2015Linux
The StationThe Station2016Linux
The StationThe Station2016Mac OS X
The StrangerLimbclock?Linux
The Subtance of Thingsauthor2015Linux
The Sun at NightMinicore StudiosTBA Linux
The Sun at NightMinicore Studios2014Windows
The SuperfluousVoided Pixels 2017Linux
The Superlatives: AetherfallChoice of Games2017Linux
The Surprising Case of Brian TimmonsMTW2014Linux
The Survival GamesHella Games Entertainment2015Linux
The SurvivalistArtToVideoGames2017Linux
The SwapperFacepalm Games2013Linux
The SwindleSize Five Games2015Linux
The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1Arrogant Pixel2016Linux
The Talos PrincipleCroteam2014Linux
The Talos Principle 2CroteamTBALinux
The Talos Principle: Road To GehennaCroteam2015Linux
The Temporal InvasionHybriona Labs2016Linux
The TerminalCamerakid Games2014Linux
The Terror Aboard The Speedwellauthor2014Linux
The Testament of the White Cypress??Linux
The Texture Of Loveauthor?Linux
The Thing With MistletoesRan2016Linux
The Tiny Bang StoryColibri Games2016Linux
The Tomb of DraculaMoviedrome Video;Felix Software1982ZX 81
The TouchstoneTom Mix Software1984Tandy Coco
The Tower Of ElementsWulo Games2015Linux
The Town of LightLKA2015Linux
The Treasure of Lumosauthor2017ZX Spectrum
The TrialSleepy Studios?Linux
The Tribeauthor2016Linux
The TutorialPOLIMI Game Collective?Linux
The Ultimate HeistSmash Game Studios2018Linux
The Ultimate Trivia ChallengeLoadUpGames2017Linux
The UniversimCrytivo Games2015Linux
The Unnamed Feelingauthor?Linux
The UnwelcomedThe Unwelcomed Studios2016Linux
The ValleyASP Software;Ask1984Electron
The ValleyASP Software1983BBC
The ValleyASP Software1983Oric
The ValleyASP Software1983VIC-20
The ValleyASP Software1983C64
The Vanishing of Ethan CarterThe Astronauts2014Linux
The Veiled Worldauthor2014Linux
The Very Big Cave AdventureSt. Bride's School1986Amstrad PCW
The Violator Of VoodooZenobi Software1991ZX Spectrum
the VOIDsutopat2015Linux
The Vortex FactorMark Data Products1985Tandy Coco
The Walking Dead: Zombie HunterMerge Interactive2003custom
The WardrobeClinic Games2017Linux
The Warlock of Firetop MountainTin Man Games2016Linux
The WayPuzzling Dream2016Linux
The Way of LifeCyberCoconut2016Linux
The Westport IndependentDouble Zero One Zero2016Linux
The Whispered WorldDaedalic Entertainment2017Linux
The Whisperer in Darknessauthor2015Linux
The Wild EightEight Points2016Linux
The Witch King of DecadenciaNeuropath?Linux
The Witcher III: Wild HuntCD Projekt RED2015Linux
The WitnessInfocom1984Tandy Coco
The WitnessInfocom1986Amstrad PCW
The Wizard's LairMagicbane2016Linux
The Wizards Who Fell In A HoleBattenberg Software2016Linux
The Wizards Who Fell In A HoleBattenberg Software2016Mac OS X
The Wonders of The Animal KingdomUnicorn Software Company1988Apple IIGS
The World IIWe Are Good GamesTBA Linux
The Worlds of BillyNorthwind Software1999OS/2
The Zacaron MysteryInterceptor Micros;Players Software1986ZX Spectrum
The Zacaron MysteryPlayers Software1986C64
Theatre EuropePSS1985Atari 400/800
Theatre of Doom Artery Games 2017Linux
Therapy Bundleauthor?Linux
They Bleed PixelsSpooky Squid2015Linux
Thief TownGlass Knuckle Games2014Linux
Thieves' Gambit: The Curse of the Black CatChoice of Games2014Linux
Thimbleweed ParkTerrible Toybox2017Linux
Thimbleweed ParkTerrible Toybox2017Mac OS X
Think To DieFelGC.GamesDevelopment2016Linux
Think To Die 2FelGC.GamesDevelopment2016Linux
Think To Die 3FelGC.GamesDevelopment2017Linux
This Is the PoliceWeappy Studio2016Linux
This War of Mine11 bit studios2014Linux
This World Unknownebi-hime2016Linux
Those Darn Marbles!Oblique Triad1990Tandy Coco
Three Dead ZedGentleman Squid Studio2012Linux
Three Dead ZedGentleman Squid Studio?Windows
Three DigitsCleverweek2015Linux
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition[bracket]games2015Linux
Thro' the WallPsion Software1982TS2068
Throne of Lies The Online Game of DeceitImperium42 Game Studio2017Linux
Through the WoodsAntagonistTBA Linux
Thrust ControlHuge Pedlar2012Linux
ThundermonkMinerva Software1989Archimedes
Thw Sudoku Challenge!Empire Interactive Europe2005Windows
Tiamat XBBQ Games 2015Linux
Tiào Ch'i: The Chinese Checker ChampionMicroClassics1983MS-DOS
Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's EndBrave Giant2016Linux
Tic-Toc-TowerSneaky Mammoth2015Linux
Tick's TalesDigital Bounce House2016Linux
TicobaKno Games2018Linux
TidalisArcen Games2014Linux
TiestruWarlock Arts2013Linux
TiestruWarlock Arts2013Windows
Tiki ManAnarchy Enterprises2015Linux
Tile DiggerGameDruid;ViVi Games2009Linux
Tile Rider7 Soft Pillows2015Linux
TilesRomans I XVI Gaming2016Linux
TilesRomans I XVI Gaming2016Mac OS X
Tilt Your BallPalaes2015Linux
TiltilationNew Dawn Software?Linux
Timber Tennis Crunching Koalas;Digital Melody2017Linux
TimbermanDigital Melody2015Windows
TimbermanDigital Melody2015Linux
Time and Magik: The TrilogyLevel 9 Computing1988MS-DOS
Time Bandit Computer Shack;Michtron1983Tandy Coco
Time BoundChildren's Computer Workshop1983Tandy Coco
Time ClickersProton Studio2015Linux
Time ClickersProton Studio2015Windows
Time FighterMark Data Products1983Tandy Coco
Time Hollow?2008Nintendo DS
Time Mysteries 2: Ancient SpectresArtifex Mundi?Linux
Time Mysteries: Inheritance - RemasteredArtifex Mund2015Linux
Time Mysteries: The Final EnigmaArtifex Mundi2014Linux
Time of Dragons4 I Lab2016Linux
Time PilotTomy?Tomy Tutor
Time Recoil10tons2017Linux
Time RunnerFunsoft1983C64
Time RunnerFunsoft1982Atari 400/800
Time RunnerFunsoft1982TRS-80
Time SwapExtra Creativity2014Linux
Time TenshiSilver Cow Studio2015Linux
Time Tenshi 2Silver Cow Studio2016Linux
Time TrapGem Software1984Tatung Einstein
Time Trek??Ohio Scientific
Timelines: Assault on America4Flash Interactive2013Mac OS X
Timelines: Assault on America4Flash Interactive2013Linux
TimespinnerLunar Ray Games2018Linux
Tin StarHosted Games2015Linux
TinertiaCandescent Gamed;Section Studios2015Linux
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's LeftoversBlack Pants Studio2014Linux
Tiny Big Bang StoryColibri Games2015Linux
Tiny EchoMight and Delight 2017Linux
Tiny KleptosDon't Eat The Bears2014Linux
Tiny KnightConvex2016Linux
Tiny Sad KrakenFrostVoid Software2015Linux
Tiny ThorIntermediaware2017Linux
Tiny ThorIntermediaware2017Mac OS X
Tiny Thor 2Intermediaware2016Linux
TIS-100Zachtronics IndustriesTBALinux
Titan AttacksPuppygames2006Linux
Titan EmpireMuse Software1983Apple II E
Titan SoulsAcid NerveTBA Linux
Titanic: Adventure Out of TimeCyberflix;Night Dive StudiosTBALinux
Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013P.I.S.D.2013Linux
Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and BackTitus Interactive2016Linux
TMM: EntourageChocolate Ship Games2017Linux
TNTInfogrames1987Atari ST
To be on TopRainbow Arts1987C64
To be on TopRainbow Arts1988Atari ST
To Be or Not To BeTin Man Games2016Linux
To Burn in MemoryOrihaus2016Linux
To Burn in MemoryOrihaus2015Windows
To LeaveFreaky CreationsTBA Linux
To Preserve QuandicSuspense Software1984Tandy Coco
To The Capitalauthor2017Linux
To The MoonFreebird Games2014Linux
Toad RoadRufusPro Software1990MS-DOS
Toast TimeForce Of Habit2016Linux
Toaster JamSnoutUp2017Linux
Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moondesunoya2015Linux
Toby: The Secret Mineauthor2015Linux
Toki ToriTwo Tribes2012Linux
Toki Tori 2+Two Tribes2014Linux
Tom Sparks and the Quakes of RuinTasty Poison Games2014Linux
Tom Spooniandioch?Linux
Tom's Hen HouseAnawiki Games?Linux
TomahawkDigital Integration1986Amstrad PCW
Tomb of TwelveF sudo L Art Gamed2014Linux
Tomb RaiderCore Design;Feral Interactive2016Linux
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftCore Design2014Linux
Tomb Raider IV: The Last RevelationCore Design2014Linux
Tomb Raider: ChroniclesCore Design2014Linux
tonight bleeds into tomorrowauthor2015Linux
Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted MothsNayma Software2015Linux
Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted MothsNayma Software1997Windows
Too Angry to SpaceAK84C2016Linux
ToonstruckBurst Entertainment2015Linux
Tooth and TailPocketwatch Games2016Linux
Top ChronoLoriciels1985Thomson
Top SnakeCoin Flip Games?Linux
Top Trumps TurboGood Day Games;NYX Digital2015Linux
Topia Onlineauthor2013Linux
TorchlightRunic Games2012Linux
ToribashNabi Studios2006Linux
TorickyAtelier Melon-Kissa2016Linux
Torment: Tides of NumenerainXile Entertainment2017Linux
Tormentum - Dark SorrowOhNoo Studio2015Linux
Tormentum - Dark SorrowOhNoo Studio2015Windows
Tormentum - Dark SorrowOhNoo Studio2015Mac OS X
Torn TalesTwistplay2016Linux
Torpedo Reversal??Tomy Tutor
Torpedo TerrorTomy1983Tomy Tutor
Total War: AttilaCreative Assembly2015Linux
Total War: ROME IICreative Assembly2015Linux
Total War: Shogun 2Feral Interactive2017Linux
Total War: WarhammerCreative Assembly;Feral Interactive2016Linux
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?2016Linux
Totem TellerGrinning Pickle2016Linux
TotemoriSchrolab; Schrölab2017Linux
TOTO's little PARTYSETENTIA studios2014Linux
Tough GuyFlying Rat2017Linux
Tournament TennisD&L Research1985QL
tout seulauthor2015Linux
Towards The Pantheon?2017Linux
Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of DestinyBarking Cats2013Linux
Tower 57Pixwerk2016Linux
Tower Defense UltimateDev4play2016Linux
Tower of FearProgrammer's Guild1981Tandy Coco
Tower of the GorillionCircuiton World Design2013Linux
Tower of TimeEvent Horizon2018Linux
TowerFall AscensionMatt Makes Games2014Linux
TowerFall Dark WorldMatt Makes Games2015Linux
Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense BattlesCybertron Design Studios2014Linux
Towers of HanoiContinental Software?Memotech MTX
Town of SalemBlank Media Games2014Linux
TownopolisLonely Troops2016Linux
Toxic Bunny HDCelestial Games2013Linux
Toy Defense F2PMelesta Games2013Linux
Toys of War2Bit Studios2016Linux
Trace VectorVexel Games2013Linux
Trackless12 East Games2017Linux
Tracks and TurretsFingerPunch Games2015Linux
Traffic JamTomy1982Tomy Tutor
Trail Blazer Time MachineBass Flicks2014Linux
Trailin' TailRainbow1983Tandy Coco
Train FeverUrban Games2013Linux
Train Station Simulator Appliks Apps Studios2018Linux
Train ValleyYukitama2015Linux
Train Valley 2Yukitama2017Linux
TransformersDenton Designs1985ZX Spectrum
TransformersDenton Design1985C64
TransistorSupergiant Games2014Linux
Transmissions: Element 120Shokunin Studios2016Linux
TransPlanKittehface Software2015Linux
Transport FeverUrban Games2016Linux
TrapballT&D Softwar?Tandy Coco
TrapfallTom Mix Software1983Tandy Coco
Trapped Dead: LockdownBigmoon Studios2015Linux
Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princessdesunoya2017Linux
Trash TVauthor2013Linux
Trashville BCH waves studio2017Linux
TrashvilleBCH waves studio2017Mac OS X
TraumaKrystian Majewski2010Linux
TravelogueUrban Hermit Games?Linux
TrawlHouse Of Wire2015Linux
Treasure Mountain!SoftKey;The Learning Company1994Mac OS Classic
Treasure Mountain!The Learning Company1994Win3.1
Treasure Mountain!The Learning Company1990MS-DOS
Treasure of a blizzardIrich52015Linux
Treasure of a BlizzardFlaming Firefly2016Linux
Treasure Of A Blizzard: Total WhiteoutFlaming Firefly2016Linux
Treasure of BlizzardFlaming Firefly2016Linux
Treasures of the Savage FrontierBeyond Software2015Linux
Treats and Tricksauthor2015Linux
TrekboerMark Data Products;MicroDeal1984Tandy Coco
Trench RunTranshuman Design2016Linux
TRI: Of Friendship and MadnessRat King Entertainment2012Linux
Trial by VikingLast Life Games2016Linux
Trials of AzraOnion Core2016Linux
Tribal TroubleOddlabs2005Mac OS X
Tribble TrapProgramma International1979TRS-80
Tribes 2Dynamix2001Linux
Trick and TreatEternal Night Studios2015Linux
Trick and TreatEternal Night Studios?Mac OS X
Trickashay AHL Computing1983Tandy Coco
Tricky TowersWeirdBeard2016Linux
TrigeonSleepy Studios?Linux
Trigger Rally Onlineauthor2012Linux
Triggerfish Drill SergeantAnglerteam Games2014Linux
TrigonometryXiNFiNiTY Games2018Linux
Trine 2Frozenbyte2011Linux
Trine 3: The Artifacts of PowerFrozenbyte2015Linux
Trip to Vinelandsauthor2016Linux
Triple CommandTomy1984Tomy Tutor
Tripsimus and the Magic LettuceOBLONE Software2009Linux
Trivial Pursuit: Genus EditionOxford Digital Enterprises1986Amstrad PCW
Tropical StormfrontNoble Master Games2012Linux
Tropico 5Haemimont Games2014Linux
Tropico 5Haemimont Games2014Mac OS X
Tropico 6Limbic Entertainment2014Linux
Troubled FootballKayabros2014Linux
Troubles LandENKSoft2015Linux
True or Falseauthor2016Linux
True or False 2author2017Linux
True or False 2author2017Mac OS X
Trulon: The Shadow EngineKyy Games2016Linux
Trump Castle 3Capstone Software1993MS-DOS
Truth be untoldauthor2015Linux
Try Hard Parkinggearspecs2017Linux
TSUADA : The Super Ultimate Dodge AdventureNanocryk?Linux
Tube FrenzyAadvark-80;ATS1982Tandy Coco
Tube Way ArmyRainbow Software1984Tandy Coco
TueborStrength in Numbers Studios2016Linux
TueborStrength in Numbers Studios2016Linux
Tumble Townauthor2015Linux
TumblestoneThe Quantum Astrophysicists Guild2016Linux
Tumbleweed ExpressThe Dirigiballers2016Linux
TunisArk Royal Games?Tandy Coco
Turbo 750Tomy1982Tomy Tutor
Turgul: Rapid Fightingdynamicsoulworks 2016Linux
TurnoverLong Division2015Linux
Turok: Dinosaur HunterIcculus;Night Dive Studios2018Linux
TurretT&D Software1988Tandy Coco
TurtlesKonami1984Tomy Tutor
Tut's TombMark Data Products1984Tandy Coco
TutankamAadvark-801983Tandy Coco
TwerpsSirius Software1982Apple II E
TwerpsSirius Software1982Atari 400/800
TwicklesNeox Studios2018Linux
Twin RobotsThinice2014Linux
Twinkle Star SpritesSNK2015Linux
TwistPurpleHatch Software2013Linux
Two DigitsCleverweek2015Linux
Two EscapesHoppangGames2017Linux
Two Point HospitalTwo Point Studios2018Linux
Two Worlds Epic EditionReality Pump2016Linux
Two Worlds IITopWare Interactive2016Linux
Two Worlds II HD - Call of the TenebraeReality Pump Studios2017Linux
TwodoorsSleepy Studios?Linux
Tyd wag vir NiemandSkobbejak Games2017Linux
Type Attack??Tomy Tutor
Typing with Jesterauthor2017Linux
Typoman: RevisedBrainseed Factory2017Linux
Typoman: RevisedBrainseed Factory2017Mac OS X
Typoman: RevisedBrainseed Factory2016Windows
Typoman: RevisedBrainseed Factory2017Xbox One
Typoman: RevisedBrainseed Factory2017PS4
TyranDragon's Games2017Linux
TyrannyObsidian Entertainment2016Linux
Tyranny - Bastard's WoundObsidian Entertainment2017Linux