Commercial video games list, 'u'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
U r teh Munsterauthor2015Linux
U-BoatsAstra Game Studio2014Linux
U.F.O - Unfortunately Fortunate Organisms Rebourne Studios2017Linux
Über Siedler S2 WeltRom ExtremeNBG EDV Handels- und Verlags1997MS-DOS
UBERMOSH Vol.3author2016Linux
UBERMOSH Vol.5author2016Linux
UFHO2Tiny Colossus2013Linux
UFOKnights1982Sharp MZ
UFO Attack??Tomy Tutor
Új vadnyugatSelindek Software Studio1989C64
Új vadnyugat 2Selindek Software Studio1989C64
UlisesOpera Soft1989Amstrad PCW
Ultimate AdventureChromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Coco
Ultimate ArenaAceGamer2016Linux
Ultimate Chicken HorseCleverend Eavourgames2016Mac OS X
Ultimate Chicken HorseClever Endeavour Games2016Linux
Ultimate Fight Manager 2016Snowfall2016Linux
Ultimate General: Civil WarGame-Labs2016Linux
Ultimate General: GettysburgGame-Labs2016Linux
Ultimate OthelloFovea2010Linux
Ultimate Rock Crawlerauthor2013Linux
Ultimate Spider HeroFor Kids2018Linux
Ultimate: Adventure 4Chromasette1982Tandy Coco
Ultra BlasterIce Reaper Games?Linux
Ultra Electronic Ascensionauthor2014Linux
ULTRA Pro Pinball: Timeshock!Barnstorm Games2014PS
UltraSeizureRorschach Meat?Linux
ULTRAWORLDNeon Serpent2016Linux
Umineko When They CryBishojo Games?Linux
UnbalanceTvee Games2017Linux
Undead OverlordJumpCore Productions2016Linux
Under LeavesCircus Atos2017Linux
Under that RainBad Tales Studios2014Linux
Underworld AscendantOtherside EntertainmentTBALinux
Underworld DungeonInfernoSoul2016Linux
Underworld of KynPrime Artifax Computer1984C64
Underworld of KynPrime Artifax Computer1984C64
Une affaire en orFree Game Blot1986EXL 100
Unearthing ColossalPower Up to Maximum;Liens2016Linux
Unfinished - An Artist's LamentDust Scratch Games2015Linux
Unforeseen IncidentsBackwoods Entertainment;Application Systems Heidelberg2018Linux
Unhack 2InvertMouse2017Linux
Unhappy Ever AfterWarped Tales2017Linux
Unhappy Ever AfterWarped Tales2017Mac OS X
Unholy HeightsAGM PLAYISM2016Linux
UniBall StormBrewers 2017Linux
UninvitedIcom Simulations1988Apple IIGS
Unity of Command2 x 2 Games2013Linux
Unity of Command - Red Turn2x2 Games;Dvaput2012Linux
Unity of Command: Black Turn2x2 Games2013Linux
UniumKittehface Software2015Linux
Universe EdgeRebellion5342015Linux
Universe in Fire putilin_industries2017Linux
Universe Sandbox ²Giant ArmyTBALinux
Universe Sandbox 2Giant Army2014Linux
Unlikely SuspectsMumboJumbo2011Linux
UnmechanicalTalawa Games2015Linux
Unnamed FiascoUnnamed Fiasco Team2016Linux
Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman TriumphantAdventions1993MS-DOS
Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman TriumphantAdventions1993Mac OS Classic
Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman TriumphantAdventions1993Atari ST
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for AmandaAdventions1993Atari ST
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for AmandaAdventions1993MS-DOS
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for AmandaAdventions1993Mac OS Classic
Unnkulian Underworld : The Unknown UnventureAdventions1990Mac OS Classic
Unnkulian Underworld : The Unknown UnventureAdventions1990MS-DOS
Unnkulian Underworld : The Unknown UnventureAdventions1990Atari ST
Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of AcmeAdventions1991Mac OS Classic
Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of AcmeAdventions1991MS-DOS
Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of AcmeAdventions1991Atari ST
Unreal TournamentEpic MegaGames;Loki1999Linux
Unreal Tournament 2003Epic Games;Digital Extremes2002Linux
Unreal Tournament 2004Epic Games;Digital Extremes2004Linux
Unreal Tournament IIIEpic Games2008Linux
UnReal WorldEnormous Elk2013Linux
UnSummoning: The Spectral HordeRoaming Ground Studio2014Linux
Unsung StoryPlaydekTBA Linux
Until I Have YouWormwood Studios2016Linux
Untold UniverseFenris Lair Studio2015Linux
UnturnedSmartly Dressed Games2015Linux
UnworthyAleksandar Kuzmanovic Games2017Linux
UplinkIntroversion Software2001Linux
UplinkIntroversion Software2012Android
Upside Down Just1337 2017Linux
Urban PirateBABY DUKA;BD Games2017Linux
Urban War DefenseBudgie Games2014Linux
Uropa 2 - CD-ROMAustex Software1997Amiga AGA
UT2004: SASDigital Extremes?Linux
Utopia: The Creation of a NationCelestial Software1991Amiga
Utopia: The Creation of a NationCelestial Software1991Atari ST
Utopia: The New WorldsCelestial Software1992Amiga
Utopia: The New WorldsCelestial Software1992Atari ST