Commercial video games list, 'w'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
W.A.R.Software Communications1986Amstrad CPC
Wacky FoodArcade Animation1983Tandy Coco
Wacky WaitersImagine1983VIC-20
Wacky WheelsBeavis Soft2014Linux
Wailing HeightsOutsider Games2016Linux
Waking MarsTiger Style2012Linux
Walkerman PrologueScalemail2014Linux
Wand WarsMoonradish2016Linux
WanderWander Team2013Linux
Wander No MoreZetsubou2016Linux
WandererRed Cloak Games2015Linux
WanderlustEternity Studios2017Linux
War Birds: WW2 Air strike 1942HGames-ArtWorks2016Linux
War Cubeauthor2017Mac OS X
War Cubeauthor2017Linux
War for the OverworldSubterranean Games;Rise2015Linux
War in a Box: Paper TanksDQ Team2013Linux
War in Middle EarthMelbourne House1989Apple IIGS
War KingsTom Mix Software1982Tandy Coco
War MongerSundog Systems;GSW Software1989Tandy Coco
War of the Human TanksFruitbat Factory2012Linux
War of the Human TanksFruitbat Factory2012Windows
War ThunderGaijin Entertainment2014Linux
War Truck SimulatorDev4play2016Linux
War§owChasseur De Bots?Windows
Warbands: BushidoRed Unit Studios2017Linux
Warbands: BushidoRed Unit Studios2017Mac OS X
WarbannersCrasleen Games2017Linux
Warden: Melody of the UndergrowthCardboard Keep2016Linux
Warfare IncorporatedSpiffcode2003Palm
Warfare IncorporatedSpiffcode2004WinCE
Warfare IncorporatedSpiffcode2003Palm
Warfare IncorporatedSpiffcode2008iOS
Wargamethe Rainbow1983Tandy Coco
Wargame: AirLand Battle - Magna CartaEugen Systems2013Linux
Wargame: AirLand BattleEugen Systems2014Linux
Wargame: European EscalationEugen Systems2013Linux
Wargame: Red DragonEugen Systems2014Linux
Wargame: Red Dragon - Second Korean WarEugen Systems2014Linux
WARHAMMER - Realm of The Wood ElvesCreative Assembly;Feral Interactive2017Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Carnage ChampionsRoadhouse Games2016Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos RisingFeral Interactive2016Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising and RetributionFeral Interactive2016Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: RetributionFeral Interactive2016Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIIRelic Entertainment;Feral Interactive2017Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of WarProxy Studios2018Linux
Warhammer QuestRodeo Games;Twistplay2015Linux
Warhammer: Arcane MagicTurbo Tape Games2017Linux
Warhammer: Arcane MagicTurbo Tape Games2016Mac OS X
Warhammer: End Times - VermintideFatshark2015Linux
Warlock 2: War of the NagasIno-Co Plus2014Linux
Warlock II: The ExiledIno-Co Plus2014Linux
Warlock's CitadelByte-UP2016Linux
Warlocks 2: God SlayersFrozen District2017Linux
Warlocks vs ShadowsFrozen District2015Linux
WarlordsT&D Software1983Tandy Coco
WarMage BattlegroundsBurst Online Entertainment2013Linux
Warp Fighter 3-D SRB Software1987Tandy Coco
Warped RealityUnwonted Studios 2017Linux
Warring Statespolynation games2016Linux
Warrior KingSundog Systems1988Tandy Coco
Warriors & CastlesEstudio Raed-Wulf2015Linux
Warriors of Beliriumauthor?Linux
WARTILE Playwood Project2017Linux
Wasted PizzaSupine2017Linux
Wasteland 2inXile entertainment;Obsidian Entertainment2014Linux
Wasteland 3inXile entertainment;Obsidian Entertainment2017Linux
WatchedGaming Online Now2014Linux
WaveformEden Industries2012Linux
Way to Go!Makivision2013Linux
Way to Go!Makivision Games2015Linux
We Are ChicagoCulture Shock Games2017Linux
We Are ChicagoCulture Shock Games2017Mac OS X
We Are LegionPwnee Studios2016Linux
We Are the DwarvesWhale Rock Games2016Linux
We Break Out TonightRamhead Games2016Linux
We Happy FewCompulsion Games2016Linux
We Need To Go Deeper Deli Interactive2018Linux
We Were HereTotal Mayhem Games2017Linux
We Were Here TooTotal Mayhem Games2018Linux
Weapon Shop FantasyDigdog Studio2017Linux
Weapon Test DummiesMyoid2013Linux
WeaponizedChessArational Entertainment2016Linux
Weapons of DominionYohan Games2013Linux
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite SpaceDigital Eel2016Linux
Weirdo T&D Software1987Tandy Coco
Welcome to MoreytownChoice of Games2017Linux
Welkin RoadNkidu Games2016Linux
WellsTower Up Studios2016Linux
West NorwoodFeral Interactive2018Linux
West of LoathingAsymmetric2017Linux
Wet Dreamauthor?Linux
What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in TimeLassie Games2011Linux
What Now?author2014Linux
What the BlockALL CAPS2013Linux
What The Boxauthor2016Linux
Wheel of Fortune: 2nd EditionArtech Digital Entertainment2000Windows
Wheels of Aureliaauthor2015Linux
When It Hits the FanHeartfelt Games2014Linux
When Our Journey EndsAfterthought Studios2016Linux
Where are My Internets?Lokator Studio2017Linux
Where in the Galaxy is Kremlin San AntonioAnna Anthropy?Linux
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?Sculptured Software1989Apple IIGS
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Computerware1988Tandy Coco
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Brøderbund1995Mac OS Classic
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Brøderbund1996Win3.1
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Brøderbund2000Windows
Where is my Heart?Die Gute Fabrik2014Linux
Where the Water Tastes Like WineDim Bulb Games;Serenity Forge2018Linux
Where's My Mommy?Exquisite Games2016Linux
while True: learnLuden.io2018Linux
Whip the Votegoogumproduce2016Linux
Whirlybird RunSpectral Associates1983Tandy Coco
Whispering WillowsNight Light Interactive2014Linux
White Fire of Eternity??Tandy Coco
White FogTophat_Haze?Linux
White ForceYFYX2016Linux
White KnightOSome Studio2015Linux
White Noise 2Milkstone Studios2016Linux
White Noise OnlineMilkstone Studios2014Linux
Who Is Mike - A Visual NovelFervent2015Linux
Who Is Mike - A Visual NovelFervent2015Windows
Who Shot Sid Sidney?!Spirasonic?Linux
Who's Your DaddyThe Human Idiot2015Linux
Why So Evil 2: DystopiaZonitron Productions2015Linux
Why So Evil 2: DystopiaZonitron Productions2015Windows
Wicked WitchesEctoplasm Studio2015Linux
Widdly Tinksauthor?Linux
Wiggity WingsOriGamInc2013Linux
Wiggle WormChromasette1984Tandy Coco
Wild Animal RacingMarjupi Games2016Linux
Wild FronteraTamarin Studios2015Linux
Wild Island QuestNLB project2015Linux
Wild SeasonQuickfire Games2014Linux
WildcattingImage Producers1981Tandy Coco
Wilder: Ran's Storysonnet009games2017Linux
WildExplorerHeitor Corporations2015Linux
WildTerraJuvty Worlds2015Linux
Will Fight for FoodPyrodactyl2012Linux
Will Fight For Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the HourPyrodactyl2015Linux
Will Harvey's Music Construction SetElectronic Arts1986Apple IIGS
Williamsburg AdventureChromasette;Silverware1981Tandy Coco
Williamsburg: Adventure 3Chromasette1982Tandy Coco
Willy's WarehouseIntracolor1984Tandy Coco
Wilson ChroniclesTheEaglesStudio2013Linux
Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?Flexile Studio2013Linux
Wind ~A Breath of Heart~insani;No Name Losers2002Linux
WindlandsPsytec GamesTBA Linux
WindosillVector Park2012Linux
WindosillVector Park2012Windows
WindscapeMagic Sandbox2016Linux
WindwardTasharen Entertainment2012Linux
Winged Sakura: Demon Civil WarWinged Sakura Games2016Linux
Winged Sakura: Endless DreamWinged Sakura Games2016Linux
Winged Sakura: Mindy's ArcWinged Sakura Games2014Linux
WingsCinemaware2015Mac OS X
Wings of EonFreak Mind Games2012Linux
WinKingsLemondo Games2016Linux
Winnie the PoohSierra On-Line;Walt Disney Computer Software1987Tandy Coco
Winter MawCoffee Infused Studio2014Linux
Winter NovelDeXP2016Linux
Winter WarlandBitten Toast Games2017Linux
Winter's WakeCheeseness2015Linux
WinterTaleErogame Project2012Linux
Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-Migiha2016Linux
WishbringerInfocom1985Atari ST
WishbringerInfocom1985Apple II E
WishbringerInfocom1986Amstrad PCW
WishbringerInfocom1985Tatung Einstein
WishbringerInfocom1985Tandy Coco
WishmereCrayder Studios2017Linux
Without WithinInvertMouse2015Linux
Without WithinInvertMouse2015Windows
Without Within 2InvertMouse2015Linux
Wizard ChessDigital Transfusion2013Linux
Wizard's DenNovasoft;Tom Mix Software1987Tandy Coco
Wizard's DoomSoftdisk1990C64
Wizards and WarlordsValravn Games2017Linux
Wizards and WarlordsValravn Games2017Mac OS X
Wizards JourneyDivine Gaming?Linux
Wizards QuestMicrodeal1986Tandy Coco
Wizards' ClashDQ Team2015Linux
WizorbTribute Games2011Linux
Wizrogue - Labyrinth of WizardryTaito2017Linux
Wizrogue - Labyrinth of WizardryTaito2017Mac OS X
Woah Dave!MiniVisions2016Linux
Wojdan - وجداننقش الضوء2017Linux
Wojdan - وجداننقش الضوء2017Mac OS X
Wolcen: Lords of MayhemWolcen Studio2016Linux
Wolf GangNylon Blonde2018Linux
WolfQuest eduweb 2017Linux
Womb RoomBearded Eye 2016Linux
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's TrapLizardcube;Sega2018Linux
Wonder Zoo: Animal & Dinosaur RescueGameloft2016TizenOS
Wonky Pigeon!author2015Linux
Wooden Sen'SeYUpper Byte2014Linux
Woodle Tree 2: WorldsChubby Pixel2016Linux
Woodle Tree AdventuresMalboM2013Linux
Woodle Tree AdventuresMalboM2013Windows
Woodpunk Meteorbyte Studios 2017Linux
Word HangerInterceptor Software1982Atari 400/800
Word LaddersHartley Courseware1986Apple II E
Word SolitaireMutated Wombat2013Linux
Words And PicturesChalksoft1984ZX Spectrum
Words And PicturesChalksoft1984BBC
Words, Words, WordsA.S.K. Software1983VIC-20
Words, Words, WordsA.S.K. Software1983BBC
Words, Words, WordsA.S.K. Software1984Dragon32
Words, Words, WordsA.S.K. Software1983Electron
WordTrap DungeonCrunching Koalas2013Linux
WORLD END ECONOMiCA Episode.01Spicy Tails2014Linux
WORLD END ECONOMiCA Episode.02Spicy TailsTBALinux
WORLD END ECONOMiCA Episode.03Spicy TailsTBALinux
World Golf 2RufusPro Software1990MS-DOS
World in ConflictMassive Entertainment2007Windows
World of CastlesHammer Games2017Linux
World of DivingVertigo Games2014Linux
World of Goo2D BOY2008Linux
World of Guns: Gun DisassemblyNoble Empire2014Linux
World of OneGrimwood2017Linux
World War II: Panzer ClawsReality Pump2016Linux
World War III: Black GoldReality Pump2016Linux
WorldAlphaBig Impact Studios2013Linux
WorldsCurious Planet2016Linux
Worlds of FlightMicroDeal;Tom Mix Software1984Tandy Coco
Worlds of FlightCH Robertson Consultants1985QL
Worlds of MagicWastelands Interactive2015Linux
WormholeZeta Software;Hornet Software1983Tandy Coco
Worms Clan WarsTeam172015Linux
Worms W.M.DTeam17 Software2016Linux
Wounded by Wordsauthor2015Linux
WOWSpillWorld Of Windows Software1993OS/2
Wrestle ManiacDiecom1986Tandy Coco
Writer RabbitThe Learning Company?Apple II E
Writer RabbitThe Learning Company1988MS-DOS
Written in the SkyUnwonted Studios2015Linux
Written in the SkyUnwonted Studios2015Windows
WrongworldSludj Games2016Linux
Wroom!Pyramide Soft1986QL
Wurm UnlimitedCode Club2016Linux
WWII GINight Dive Studios;Retroism;TNT Team2015Linux
Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost IdolA Jolly Corpse2013Linux