In development video games list, 'a' to 'e'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
Talawa Games;Saint and SimonTBA Linuxadventure subjectlabel
PixelFade Studio2015Linuxlabel
Eugen Systems2015Linuxstrategy label
author2013Linuxrole-play turn-based Fantasy label
authorTBALinuxshooter Fantasy label
Forgotten Key2016Linuxadventure label
HarunekoTBA Linuxplatformer label
Sandbox InteractiveTBA Mac OS Xaction/reflex simulation role-play Fantasy label
josefnpatTBALinuxrole-play label
Current CircusTBA Windowslabel
HarunekoTBA Linuxplatformer Fantasy label
Strangely InteractiveTBA Windowsaction/reflex strategy Science Fiction imagelabel
Nordic GamesTBA Linuxshooter simulation flight label
Ranmantaru Games TBA Windowsaction/reflex Fantasy imagelabel
Studio Wildcard2015Mac OS Xaction/reflex simulation Fantasy label
Studio Wildcard2015Linuxaction/reflex simulation Fantasy label
Studio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios;Virtual Basement2016Linuxaction/reflex simulation Fantasy label
Studio Wildcard;Instinct Games;Efecto Studios2016Mac OS Xaction/reflex simulation Fantasy label
author2015Linuxshooter label
Oxide Games2015Linuxstrategy Science Fiction label
Asylum Project GroupTBALinuxsimulation label
KshatraTBALinuxmanag./econ. strategy adventure edutainment Science Fiction subjectlabel
Dark Amber Softworks2015Linuxadventure role-play shooter label
Farom StudioTBA Linuxshooter label
Feral Interactive2015Linuxlabel
Monothetic2017Xbox Onelabel
NintendoTBALinuxaction/reflex platformer role-play Fantasy label
Protomni Multimedia2014Linuxplatformer label
Lace GamesTBA Linuxadventure label
authorTBA Linuxmanag./econ. strategy Science Fiction label
Tiger & SquidTBA Xbox Oneadventure label
Tiger & SquidTBA Mac OS Xadventure label
Platoon Studios2012Linuxshooter strategy Science Fiction label
Level Zero Games2013Linuxmanag./econ. strategy label
Daedalic Entertainment2015Linuxstrategy turn-based Fantasy label
Team Blacksea OdysseyTBA Linuxlabel
Puny HumanTBA Linuxaction/reflex label
authorTBA Linuxbeat 'em up platformer Fantasy label
authorTBALinuxshooter simulation Science Fiction label
Endless Loop Studios2016Linuxsimulation manag./econ. label
authorTBALinuxplatformer racing/driving sport label
Plain Concepts Corp 2015Windowsstrategy Fantasy imagelabel
Corbie Games2017Linuxsimulation strategy Historical label
RedRuins Softworks2018Windowsadventure Humorous label
Bulb Boy Team2015Linuxadventure Horror label
VAMflax2013Linuxracing/driving subjectlabel
Vinci GamesTBALinuxshooter Horror label
Phobia Game StudioTBA Windowsaction/reflex Horror label
Phobia Game StudioTBA Linuxaction/reflex Horror label
Phobia Game StudioTBA Mac OS Xaction/reflex Horror label
FourbitFriday2015Linuxaction/reflex platformer role-play label
Angry Engineers EntertainmentTBA Windowssimulation Science Fiction label
Angry Engineers EntertainmentTBA Mac OS Xsimulation Science Fiction label
Angry Engineers EntertainmentTBA Linuxsimulation Science Fiction label
Square Enix20133DSaction/reflex imagelabel
authorTBALinuxmaze label
Atari1984Atari 5200action/reflex imagesubjectlabel
RedWolf Design2013Linuxaction/reflex platformer strategy imagelabel
Tree of LifeTBALinuxplatformer label
gord10TBALinuxaction/reflex adventure label
??Internet Onlyedutainment shooter subjectlabel
Grid Sage GamesTBA Windowsstrategy turn-based Science Fiction label
Phoenix Online StudiosTBALinuxlabel
Dumb and Fat GamesTBALinuxcasino/cards role-play label
PigselsTBALinuxpuzzle label
Monochrome GamesTBA Linuxaction/reflex Horror label
Contested Space Corporation2014Linuxrole-play Science Fiction subjectlabel
PentagamesTBALinuxshooter label
Mojo Game Studios2016Linuxadventure Science Fiction label
Twelve Games2015Linuxlabel
Zomboko Entertainment2015Linuxshooter label
Rocketcat GamesTBALinuxaction/reflex label
SystemSoftTBA3DSstrategy label
Vigil Games2015Linuxaction/reflex adventure Fantasy label
Vigil GamesTBA Linuxaction/reflex Fantasy label
Bohemia InteractiveTBA Linuxaction/reflex simulation adventure label
Glowstick Games2015Linuxlabel
Galactic BitsTBA Linuxshooter label
Dark Quarry Games 2017Linuxstrategy label
talecrafterTBA Linuxrole-play Science Fiction label
Revolution System Games2013Linuxaction/reflex role-play Fantasy subjectlabel
Capcom Online Games;SCE Japan StudioTBA PS4action/reflex role-play Fantasy label
Escape Velocity StudiosTBA Windowssimulation Science Fiction label
One More Go GamesTBALinuxstrategy label
Level up Labs2012Linuxstrategy role-play label
Level up LabsTBA Windowsstrategy Fantasy label
Pixelscopic2013Mac OS Xaction/reflex role-play Fantasy label
Pixelscopic2013Linuxaction/reflex role-play Fantasy label
Noble Master GamesTBALinuxstrategy turn-based label
Descendent StudiosTBA Linuxaction/reflex maze shooter Science Fiction label
Descendent StudiosTBA Mac OS Xaction/reflex shooter Science Fiction label
Descendent StudiosTBA Windowsaction/reflex shooter Science Fiction label
author2014Linuxshooter role-play label
Black Forest GamesTBALinuxbeat 'em up label
Digital ArrowTBALinuxrole-play label
Refract2014Linuxsimulation flight racing/driving label
Refract2014Mac OS Xsimulation flight racing/driving label
authorTBA Linuxmanag./econ. strategy Science Fiction label
Saibot StudiosTBA Linuxadventure Horror label
Red Level GamesTBA Linuxaction/reflex role-play label
Grimm BrosTBALinuxrole-play Fantasy label
Celsius Game StudiosTBALinuxshooter simulation manag./econ. Science Fiction label
MURA interactiveTBA Linuxshooter rhythm Science Fiction subjectlabel
Counterplay Games2014Linuxstrategy role-play turn-based Fantasy label
Trendy EntertainmentTBALinuxaction/reflex strategy Fantasy label
AchebitTBALinuxaction/reflex role-play label
?TBA Windowsstrategy Fantasy label
Flix InteractiveTBA Windowsaction/reflex simulation Science Fiction imagelabel
Midgar Studio2015Linuxrole-play Fantasy label
VirdualTBAWindowsracing/driving label
author2015Linuxpuzzle label
FlipSwitch Games2015Linuxaction/reflex simulation strategy role-play label
ArtplantTBA Mac OS Xsimulation Science Fiction label
Dovetail GamesTBALinuxsimulation label
Shiro Games2015Linuxaction/reflex Fantasy label
Hesketh gamesTBALinuxstrategy Science Fiction label
?2014Linuxadventure label
AlersteamTBA Windowsaction/reflex role-play Science Fiction label
Logic ArtistsTBALinuxstrategy role-play turn-based Historical label