PlayStation Store video games list, 'a' to 'm'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
A Virus Named TomMisfits Attic2016PS Vita
A-MenKemco2012PS Vita
Addie no Okurimono: To Moze from AddieSony Computer Entertainment2000PS
Adventure Story of the Goold Old DaysDaidai2016PS Vita
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomWayForward Technologies2014PS Vita
AeternoBladeCorecell Technology2014PS Vita
AeternoBladeCorecell Technology2015PS4
Age of BootyCertain Affinity2008PS3
Age of ZombiesHalfbrick Studios2014PS Vita
Alien BreedTeam172012PS Vita
Alien BreedTeam172013PS3
Alien Breed: ImpactTeam172010PS3
Alien ShooterSigma Team2015PS Vita
Alone With Youauthor2016PS Vita
Angel Love OnlineUserJoy Technology2008PS3
Anomaly: Warzone Earth11 bit studios2012PS3
Apocalypse Defenseauthor2013PS Vita
Arkedo Series - 001 JUMP !Arkedo Studio2011PS3
Arkedo Series - 002 SWAP !Arkedo Studio2011PS3
Arkedo Series - 003 PIXEL !Arkedo Studio2011PS3
Armageddon RidersTargem Games2011PS3
Assault GunnersMarvelous AQL2012PS Vita
Atomic NinjasGrip Games2013PS Vita
Awesomenauts Assemble!Abstraction Games2014PS4
Babel RisingMando Productions2012PS3
Backgammon BlitzVooFoo Studios2013PS4
Backgammon BlitzVooFoo Studios2013PS Vita
Bang Bang RacingDigital Reality2012PS3
Baseball Riot10tons Entertainment2016PS Vita
Basement CrawlBloober Team2014PS4
Battle Princess of Arcadiasapollosoft2013PS3
Battle SlotsPhantom EFX?PS Vita
Battle TanksGameloft2009PS3
Beats TrellisSony Computer Entertainment2012PS Vita
Bejeweled 2PopCap Games2009PS3
Bejeweled 2PopCap Games2010PSP
Bike Rider DXLireneosoft2013PS Vita
Bionic Commando RearmedGRIN;Capcom2008PS3
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2Fatshark;GRIN2011PS3
Blacklight: RetributionZombie Studios2013PS4
Blast FactorBluepoint Games2006PS3
BloodRayne: BetrayalWayForward Technologies2011PS3
Blue SkiesRocking Pocket Games2013PS Vita
Bomberman UltraHudson Soft2009PS3
BraidNumber None2009PS3
Bubble TrubbleCreat Studios2012PSP
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 DevilsMediascape;Platine Dispositif2016PS Vita
BurgerTime World TourFrozen Codebase2011PS3
Burnout CrashCriterion Games2011PS3
Call of Duty ClassicInfinity Ward2009PS3
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseSega Studios Australia2013PS3
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseSega Studios Australia2014Android
Castlevania - Harmony of DespairKonami2011PS3
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightBackbone Entertainment2007PS3
CatanGame Republic2008PS3
Cel Damage HDFinish Line Games2014PS4
CellFactor: Psychokinetic WarsImmersion Software;Timeline Interactive2009PS3
Championship Manager 2010 ExpressDynamo Games2010PSP
Chaos CodeFK Digital2012PS3
Chaos RingsSquare Enix2013PS Vita
ChieburaMountpunch2013PS Vita
ChimpactYippee! Entertainment2013PS Vita
ChronovoltPlayerthree2012PS Vita
ClaDun X2System Prisma2011PSP
ClaDun: This is an RPGSystem Prisma2010PSP
Class of HeroesZero Div2008PSP
Cliff DivingSCE Studio Liverpool2012PS Vita
Color GuardiansFair Play Labs2015PS Vita
Comix ZoneSega2011PS3
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve;Hidden Path Entertainment2012PS3
Crash Planetsauthor2012PS Vita
Crimson Gem SagaSonnori2008PSP
Critter CrunchCapybara Games2009PS3
Crystal DefendersSquare Enix2009PS3
Crystal DefendersSquare Enix2009PSP
Dark MistGame Republic2007PS3
Darkstalkers ResurrectionIron Galaxy Studios2013PS3
Dead End Valentineino2982013PS Vita
Dead Nation: Apocalypse EditionHousemarque2014PS4
Dead Space: ExtractionVisceral Games;Eurocom2011PS3
DeathSpankHothead Games2010PS3
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueHothead Games2010PS3
Demetrios – The BIG Cynical AdventureCowcat2016PS Vita
Doki-Doki UniverseSony Computer Entertainment America2013PS4
Don't Starve: Console EditionKlei Entertainment2014PS4
Double Dragon NeonWayForward Technologies2012PS3
Dragon's Lair TrilogyDigital Leisure2013PS3
Draw SlasherMass Creation2013PS Vita
Dream C Club: Host Girl on StageD3 Publisher2014PS4
DroplitzBlitz Arcade2009PS3
Dungeon DefendersTrendy Entertainment2011PS3
Eat Them!FluffyLogic2010PS3
EcoFishEclipse Games2012PS Vita
EcolibriumSony Computer Entertainment Europe2013PS Vita
Escape PlanFun Bits2012PS Vita
Fat PrincessTitan Studios;Fun Bits Interactive2009PS3
Fat Princess AdventuresFun Bits2015PS4
Fat Princess: Fistful of CakeTitan Studios;SuperVillain Studios2010PSP
Fat Princess: Piece of CakeOne Loop Games2015PS Vita
Fate/unlimited codesEighting2009PSP
FireworksSCE Studio Liverpool2012PS Vita
Flight of the Turtleauthor2013PS Vita
flOwSupervillain Studios2013PS Vita
Foosball 2012Grip Games2012PS Vita
Free RealmsSOE San Diego2011PS3
G-PolicePsygnosis Limited2007PS3
Galaga Legions DXNamco2011PS3
Gatling GearsVanguard Entertainment2011PS3
Gem Legends8FLOOR2015PS Vita
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedLucid Games2015PS Vita
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeBehavior Studios2011PS3
Gran Turismo ProloguePolyphony Digital?PS3
Gravity CrashJust Add Water2009PS3
Guardian Hearts OnlineQ Entertainment2012PS Vita
GunhouseNecrosoft Games2014PS Vita
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life -Special Edition-Marucome2012PS3
Heavy Weapon: Atomic TankPopCap Games2009PS3
HELL YEAH! Wrath of the Dead RabbitArkedo Studio2012PS3
HohokumHoneyslug2014PS Vita
Hokuto Musou ShinKoei2012PS3
Hotline MiamiAbstraction Games2013PS Vita
Hungry GiraffeLaughing Jackal2012PS Vita
Hustle KingsVooFoo Studios2012PS Vita
I Must Run!Gamelion Studios2010PSP
Jet MotoSingleTrac2007PS3
Jet MotoSingleTrac2007PSP
Jet Moto 2SingleTrac2008PSP
Jet Moto 2SingleTrac2008PS3
Joe DangerHello Games2010PS3
Kick-Ass: The GameFrozen Codebase2010PS3
KickBeatZen Studios2013PS Vita
Landit BanditThe Bearded Ladies Consulting2010PS3
Lara Croft GoSquare Enix Montreal2016PS4
Lara Croft GoSquare Enix Montreal2016PS Vita
Life is StrangeDONTNOD Entertainment2015PS3
LocoRoco Midnight CarnivalSCE Japan Studio2009PSP
Lone Survivor - The Director's CutSuperflat Games2013PS3
Lone Survivor - The Director's CutSuperflat Games2013PS Vita
Lone Survivor - The Director's CutSuperflat Games2014PS4
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersStainless Games2010PS3
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012Stainless Games2011PS3
Mahjong Royal Towers8FLOOR2013PS Vita
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Backbone Entertainment2009PS3
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and BeyondVicious Cycle2010PS3
Mega Man 10Inti Creates2010PS3
Mega Man 9Capcom;Inti Creates2008PS3
MegaBlastSuper Icon2013PS Vita
Meltdown MoonTACS Games2013PS Vita
Mercury HgUTV Ignition Games2011PS3
MicroBotNaked Sky Entertainment2011PS3
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesCapybara Games2011PS3
Murasaki BabyOvosonico2014PS Vita
Mutant Mudds DeluxeRenegade Kid2013PS4
Mutant Mudds DeluxeRenegade Kid2013PS Vita
Mutant Mudds: Super ChallengeRenegade Kid2017PS4
Mutant Mudds: Super ChallengeRenegade Kid2017PS Vita
Mystery Chronicle: One Way HeroicsSpike Chunsoft2015PS4
Mystery Chronicle: One Way HeroicsSpike Chunsoft2015PS Vita