Retro video games list, 'a' to 'e'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
A Finnish Fablemitomon2016Linux
A Man with a MonocleNeogen 2 Creations2011Windows
A.R.C.S.Retromite2012Mac OS X
AdaVentureFast RGV2016Linux
Adventure in the Tower of FlightPixel Barrage Entertainment2015Linux
Age of SteelQuaint Emerald2015Internet Only
Age of Steel: RechargeQuaint Emerald 2016Windows
Agent GDO - InvasionFlissoft2014Linux
Agent GDO - InvasionFlissoft2014Windows
Agent GDO - InvasionFlissoft2014Mac OS X
Alchemist's Castle Kabuk Games 2017Linux
AlterEgo: DreamWalkerretrosouls2012Linux
Another StarVision Riders Entertainment2014Linux
Aqua KittyTikipod2013X360
Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine DefenderTikipod2013Windows
Aqua KittyTikipod2012PS Vita
Arkham 2600author?Linux
Ballistic TanksKL Studios2016Linux
Bard To The FutureBattlebard Games2015Linux
Beat CopPixel Crow2017Windows
Beat CopPixel Crow2017Linux
Beat CopPixel Crow2017Mac OS X
BikZotnip Software Creation2013Linux
Biodrone BattleVoodoosoft2015Linux
Bionic Commando RearmedGRIN2008Windows
BIT.TRIP BEATGaijin Games2009Wii
BIT.TRIP BEATGaijin Games2010Windows
BIT.TRIP BEATGaijin Games2010iOS
BIT.TRIP BEATGaijin Games2012Linux
BIT.TRIP BEATGaijin Games2012Android
BIT.TRIP COMPLETEGaijin Games2011Wii
BIT.TRIP COREGaijin Games20113DS
BIT.TRIP COREGaijin Games2012Windows
BIT.TRIP COREGaijin Games2012Mac OS X
BIT.TRIP COREGaijin Games2009Wii
BIT.TRIP RUNNERGaijin Games2010Wii
BIT.TRIP RUNNERGaijin Games2011Windows
BIT.TRIP RUNNERGaijin Games2011Mac OS X
BIT.TRIP RUNNERGaijin Games2011Linux
BIT.TRIP VOIDGaijin Games2009Wii
Bitfighter?2008Mac OS X
BleedBoot Disk Revolution2012X360
BleedBoot Disk Revolution2012Windows
BleedBoot Disk Revolution2013Mac OS X
BleedBoot Disk Revolution2015Linux
BLiPSquare Bear Games2013Linux
Blue Sagaauthor2014Linux
BOHauthor2009Mac OS X
Boot Hill HeroesExperimental Gamer2012Linux
Bot ViceDYA Games2016Linux
Bounce Brawlauthor2014Linux
Breath of Death VII: The BeginningZeboyd Games2011Windows
Breath of Death VII: The BeginningZeboyd Games2012Linux
Broken BotsBunnycopter2016Linux
Brutal ForceEnterchained Game Studio2015Linux
Brutal Force IIEnterchained Game Studio2015Linux
BullshotGato Salvaje Studio2016Linux
ButsbalXtase Studios2015Linux
C-WarsOnipunks2013Mac OS X
Cart Lifeauthor2013Windows
Cave StoryStudio Pixel2007Linux
Celestial Mechanica-2011Windows
Celestial Mechanicaauthor2011Mac OS X
ChasmBit Kid2018Linux
ChasmBit Kid2018Mac OS X
ChasmBit Kid2018Windows
Children of MortaDead Mage2014Linux
Chroma SquadBehold Studios2015Linux
Chroma SquadBehold Studios2015Windows
Chroma SquadBehold Studios2015Mac OS X
Circuit BreakersTriverske2015Linux
Citadale: The Legends Trilogy Ezekiel Rage2017Linux
CommanderEphemere Games2011Windows
Commander - World 1Ephemere Games2010X360
Continue?9876543210author2014Mac OS X
CrosscodeRadical Fish Games2016Linux
Crossing SoulsFourattic2018PS4
Crossing SoulsFourattic2018Windows
Crossing SoulsFourattic2018Mac OS X
Crypt of the NecroDancerBrace Yourself Games2015Linux
Crypt of the NecroDancerBrace Yourself Games2015Windows
Crypt of the NecroDancerBrace Yourself Games2015Mac OS X
Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIEDBrace Yourself Games2016Linux
Crystal CatacombsLevels or Lives;Super Fun Games2014Linux
Crystal CatacombsLevels or Lives2014Windows
Crystal CatacombsLevels or Lives2014Mac OS X
Crystal CosmosSea Beast Productions2016Linux
Cthulhu Saves the WorldZeboyd Games2010Windows
Cthulhu Saves the WorldZeboyd Games2012Linux
Dark Void ZeroOther Ocean Interactive2010Nintendo DS
Dark Void ZeroOther Ocean Interactive2010Windows
DarwiniaIntroversion Software2005Windows
DarwiniaIntroversion Software2005Mac OS X
Dead PixelsCSR-Studios2011X360
Dead PixelsCSR-Studios2012Windows
DelverPriority Interrupt2012Linux
DelverPriority Interrupt2012Mac OS X
DelverPriority Interrupt2012Windows
DelverPriority Interrupt2012Android
Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel LisbonNerd Monkeys2013Linux
Devil DaggersSorath2016Linux
Diamo XL Nickervision Studios 2017Linux
DoguraiHungry Bear2017Linux
Don't Die!Templarius Studios2017Linux
Don’t Look BackDistractionware2012Linux
Donkey Meauthor2013Linux
Dragon FantasyMuteki Corporation2011PS3
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of IceChoice Provisions2016Linux
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of IceMuteki Corporation2013PS Vita
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of IceMuteki Corporation2016PS4
Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of WesteriaChoice Provisions2013Linux
Dungeon ProspectorMighty Fox Studio2013Linux
Dungeons HighwaySubstantial2015Linux
DUSKNew Blood Interactive2017Linux
EGGNOGGMad Garden2013Linux
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015Linux
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015Ouya
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015Android
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015iOS
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015Mac OS X
Elysian ShadowsElysian Shadows Team2015Dreamcast
Endless Forms Most BeautifulLocomalito2013Linux
EPONYMOUS: In Which a Work Is Known by Its ReadingMinor Key Games2017Linux
EronRedsplat Games2015Linux
Escape GoatMagicalTimeBean2012Linux
Escape GoatMagicalTimeBean2012Windows
Escape GoatMagicalTimeBean2012Mac OS X
Escape Goat 2MagicalTimeBean2014Linux
Escape Goat 2MagicalTimeBean2014Windows
Escape Goat 2MagicalTimeBean2014Mac OS X
Escape of the Catauthor2014Linux
Escape of the Catauthor2014BSD
EvolandShiro Games2013Windows
EvolandShiro Games2013Mac OS X
EvolandShiro Games2015Linux
Evoland IIShiro Games2015Linux
Evoland II: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum DisorderShiro Games2015Windows
Evoland II: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum DisorderShiro Games2015Mac OS X