4 or more resources

Video game concept

There are 4 or more resource types you need to harvest, process and/or generate.


The first video game about 4 or more resources was released in 1995.

Ubisoft, New World Computing and Bay 12 Games has published most of these games

Commonly you can't exchange one resource for another, or if you can, the price is usually extremely high.

If all resources can be generated at sufficient quantities, this tag should not be used (as the number of resources does not have much effect).

This does not include unit cap, though upkeep is covered occasionally.

Split currency does not count. Nor does processed resources unless you simultaneously need multiple stages of the processed resource.

Energy should be ignored in most cases as it's automatically generated by power plants and is hard to run out of. Also other resources used or generated like energy should not count, such as mana (magical energy used for performing magic). Experience, research points or similar are not to be considered either.

The boundary of 4 was chosen due to number of resource types being commonly limited to 3 or less in most games.

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Resource management


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