8-ball pool game

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The most common pool. A player cannot sink the 8-ball until their ½ of the other 14 (either stripes or solids) are sunk. Sinking the 8 early loses.


Alternate name: stripes and solids

The first video game about 8-ball pool game was released in 1983.

Mastertronic, Virgin Games and Gremlin Graphics has published most of these games

Almost always, 15 balls are racked on the far side of the table in a standard trianle pointing at the middle of the near side. The balls must often follow a pattern of placing solids and stripes in specific locations in the rack. No order in numbering is required per se, but this arrangement (where 1-7 are solid, 8 is solid black, and 9-F are striped) is suggested for those with OCD:

The 8-ball's position is never different from the above rack. Some sets do away with the numbering and have 7 balls of one color, 7 of another, and a black ball, (and the white cue ball). While this would seem to quell OCDers, it simply makes it that much more difficult to arrange them in order when they are all the same color. Some variations of 8-ball use a turtle rack

or some other shape. The cue ball is placed behind the scratch line on the near side for the brake. 8-ball is for two players or two teams only. One side gets the striped balls and the other gets the solid balls. Additional variations may include having the strips and solids pre-assigned, but usually they are 'claimed' by the first player to sink one. Usually the player must subsequently strike one of their set first or their turn is ended. In some strict variations, a player can only claim a set if they strike one of that set first then sink one of that same set in the same shot (excluding the break shot). If they sink one or more of their set (or even one of their opponent's set in some variations) their turn continues. In some variations the 8-ball can be struck first, or their are no rules for first strike. The common rule is that a player cannot sink the 8-ball unless all of their set is off the table. They may sink the last of their set and the 8-ball in a single shot, but only if the 8-ball is last to fall. Sinking the 8-ball too early always results in a loss, unless it is done with the break shot, then its a win. Variously, shots must be called or not.

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