Video game concept

Any and all features that help players familiarize themselves with the game, protect from mistakes one wouldn't make in real life and otherwise progress in it.

Alternate name: Help features

Aim assistAutomatically adjusts aiming a bit to help players hit their targets.1993 / 2019132 games
Hint systemIncludes some form of hint system, either something that's off the game or something incorporated to the gameplay itself, such as asking advice from another character.1984 / 201772 games
IndicatorsExtra indicators for various gameplay elements that the game fails to sufficiently represent otherwise.container group
MentoringA way of introducing new players to a game by having mechanism(s) to allow other players to teach the newbies how to play, likely rewarding the mentor somehow for their time.2003 / 201313 games
Practice modeIncludes a practice mode or similar.1983 / 201773 games
Move assistSomehow assists movement, such as making character run down a circular path with greater accuracy when the movement is relative to camera and the camera follows lazily.1 game
Obstacle translucificationSight obscuring obstacles are made translucent or completely invisible when the game determines them to be obscuring player's view of things the protagonist can plainly see.1996 / 201621 games
Safe ledgesPlayer is protected from accidentally falling off a ledge, often by character stopping at them and requiring the movement command to be given again or by some other means to actually go past them.2001 / 201822 games
Temperature unit choicePlayer can choose which temperature unit to display, out of whatever is available. Likely celsius, kelvin and fahrenheit.3 games
TutorialIncludes an in-game tutorial to familiarize the player with controls and any game specific functionality.1984 / 20191121 games
Window restoreRefocuses and restores itself to foreground under certain circumstances, such as when player attention is immediately required (for example, when multiplayer match is about to start).2010 / 20158 games