Game genre theme

Informal group for finding action sub-genres.


Quantized Bit has published all these games

Action-AdventureA very vague genre often involving lots of action in form of bloody combat, somewhat spacious environments, and an occasional environmental puzzle. Also includes adventure games that are very action oriented.1980 / 20201036 games
Action-RPGRPG sub-genre characterized with heavy focus on fast-paced (real-time) combat and is overall very similar to Action-Adventure genre.1980 / 2020438 games
FightingInformal group for finding fighting game sub-genres; Primarily one-on-one fighting genre, but includes tag team fighting, too.container group
PlatformerInformal group for finding platformer sub-genres.1982 / 2020137 games
ShooterInformal group for finding shooter sub-genres.container group