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A time-keeping system where available time is split into number of actions the characters can perform per turn, usually limited to 2 actions: such as move&attack or long/double move, and some special cases taking both actions.


Name variations: Action points

Move range is limited only by number of actions, so one move action will allow you to travel for example between 1 to 8 squares while you could move up to 16 squares using both actions. Moving less than 8 squares will still consume the whole action unlike in proper action point system where the number of action points used is 1:1 with distance traveled. Similarly most attacks, regardless of type (single shot, burst, full auto, hipfire, snapshot, etc.) will usually consume one action rather than a variable number of points (aimed shot and similar might use both actions however).

The first Action system video game was released in 1986.

Harebrained Schemes, 2K Games and Versus Evil published most of these games.

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