Video game concept

Has small add-ons or packs that don't add much (e.g. maps [map pack], skins [skin pack], items [item pack], or such).


Alternate names: Expansion packs, DLC packs, Downloadable content packs

The first video game about Add-ons was released in 1982.

Electronic Arts, Accolade and Gremlin Graphics has published most of these games

Generally map/level packs and some other small expansions that aren't worth having their own entries in UVL.

Main candidates for their own entries instead of being tagged with this are expansions that add new storylines or other larger entities that can be completed much like the original game.

Content that could've "easily" been provided in a patch instead of being sold separately are one good example of add-ons that belong to this tag.

Community/fan created add-ons do NOT count.


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