Character advancement: Experience distribution

Video game concept

A method of character advancement in RPGs and other games where experience points are used to "buy" stats, skills and such as soon as gained or through external intermediaries.


The first video game about Character advancement: Experience distribution was released in 1979.

LucasArts, Trendy Entertainment and Konami has published most of these games

This is NOT for stat/skill point distribution.

Generally means that the player can advance their character at any time they have enough experience to "buy" the next improvement rather than waiting for level up. Level ups may actually be bought, too.
# RPG elements #

Experience gain:
* None
* Deeds
* Kills/Defeats
* Game progress
* Objects
* Literal

Character advancement:
* None
* Static
* Literal experience
* Experience distribution
* Point distribution
* Deeds
* Perks
* Objects
* Game progress
* Time
* Intermediary

* Multiple experience types
* Shared experience
* Undefined experience (games missing info on how experience is gained)
* Undefined advancement (games missing info on how character advancement works)