Adventure game elements

Game genre concept

Any tags that describe game elements originally found in adventure games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.

Unlimited capacityPlayer can store unlimited number of items, regardless of size and weight, in their inventory.1994 / 201837 games
HoardingIf the player can pick something up, they must. Simply because that thing, whatever it might be, is necessary for progress.1990 / 201764 games
Interactive dialoguesIncludes dialogues where the player has some control over the course they take.1985 / 2019315 games
InventoryPlayer has an item storage of unspecified capacity they can access.1980 / 20191620 games
Jury riggingA type of crafting where various items can be combined in some manner to create other items. Unlike crafting, each combination can be done only once, sometimes few more times but in all cases these are situation specific or otherwise limited in usability.1993 / 201519 games