Game genre concept

Informal group for finding adventure game sub-genres.

Name variations: ADV, AVG

See also: adventure elements

Note that action-adventure is not sub-genre of adventure despite the name.
Point-and-click adventureAdventure games mainly played via pointer device driven user interface. The player clicks to move their character around, interact and examine.1984 / 20191142 games
Escape the roomAdventure sub-genre where the goal is to "escape the room". Most commonly seen as online Flash games and made popular by MOTAS which is one of them.1983 / 201813 games
Exploration gameAn adventure sub-genre where exploring the environments is the primary activity, usually with extremely non-linear levels or even metroidvania-ish progression. Likely to have little to no combat and some even lack a way to finish them (no ending).1979 / 201627 games
Gamebook"A gamebook is a book that allows the reader to participate in the story by making choices that affect the course of the narrative, which branches down various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages." --Wikipedia1980 / 201942 games
Interactive fictionA type of adventure game where the game world and player input is described using text. Such as "You are in a hallway. There is a key on the floor", ">get key", ">use silver key on door", ">turn valve", ">say hello", etc..1975 / 20192669 games
Puzzle-AdventureA sub-genre of adventure games that often plays more like series of puzzles than an adventure with puzzles.1991 / 201712 games
Visual novelSug-genre of adventure games. Easily confusable with dating sims with which visual novels share their outward appearance, but the emphasis is on non-gamelike elements and the lack of use of statistics or other numerical data.1986 / 20191701 games