Adventurer protagonist

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The protagonist is an adventurer by profession, gaining wealth and fame by doing jobs that are deemed too hazardous for the common folk, such as slaying monsters, exploring uncharted regions, seeking lost treasures, and so forth.


Alternate names: Explorer protagonist, Treasure hunter protagonist

The first video game about Adventurer protagonist was released in 1987.

Nordic Games, 2K Games and Konami has published most of these games

Common in D&D and other games based on old P&P style RPGs where a "group of adventurers" do stuff, usually saving the world or a small part of it from certain doom.

Unlike mercenaries, adventurers usually choose the tasks for the sake of challenge, difficulty and personal reasons rather than the rewards garnered from it. Mercenaries also do not generally function as explorers and may take prolonged jobs that aren't particularly exciting or challenging. Still, there's significant overlap with the two.