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Includes a device, ability, or other that propels the protagonist or their vehicle at speed far above their normal capabilities for a time. Likely has somehow limited use or is somehow detrimental for other activities.


Alternate names: Overdrive, Nitro boost
Name variations: speed boost

The first video game about Afterburner was released on August 12, 1988.

Ubisoft, Kalypso Media Digital and LucasArts has published most of these games

* Stamina - in case the afterburner can be used repeatedly without notable refueling, it acts the same as running with stamina.
* Dashing - is similar to brief explosive speed boosts, but not actual afterburner like effect (lasts far shorter time).
* Overheating - use of an afterburner may cause this.
The booster may have limited uses, either has separate and limited fuel, causes fuel to deplete at increased rate (much higher than what the same distance would take at normal speeds), works like stamina or causes overheating, requiring a cooldown period after each use or using in small bursts. May also be usable indefinitely, but somehow limits other activities, such as weapons becoming unusable for one reason or another.

Commonly seen as nitro boosters on land vehicles and as afterburners in aircraft. Can also consider transforming vehicles to belong to this when they can transform between fast and agile forms (e.g. fighter planes with variable wing configuration).

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