Agenda PDA

Hardware theme

Touted as the world's first "Pure Linux PDA". Multiple Linux games were packaged specifically for it.


The first video game about Agenda PDA was released in 1998.

Delorie Software and New Breed Software has published most of these games

Agenda VR3 model:
  • 32 bit NEC MIPS processor running at 66MHz
    roughly four times the speed of Handspring Visors or the Palm V & IIIx lines
  • 2MB, 4MB, or 8MB of flash storage depending on model
    comparable to high-end Palms and Visors.
  • display is a 160x240 pixel LCD
    backlit, with a digital contrast control
    16 grayscales
    slightly more screen area than Palms and Visors
    higher resolution than the 160x160 displays of Palms
  • powered by two AAA batteries
  • audio input/output jacks for microphones, speakers, and headphones
    though it won't be shown at LinuxWorld, support for an MP3 player is planned
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