Video game concept

AgingCharacters, especially the protagonist, age over time and possibly die from it (eventually).1988 / 201645 games
BleedingProtagonist and other characters may get severe wounds that bleed profusely, eventually leading to the character's death if not taken care of.1994 / 201848 games
DiseaseAffliction(s) caused by some disease(s) is part of gameplay.1983 / 201976 games
HyperalimentationHyperalimentation, such as overeating or overdrinking, has effects in gameplay. Usually negative, sometimes even fatal.1985 / 200923 games
InjuriesGetting wounded has much broader effects beyond simple loss of health points.1988 / 201897 games
PainGetting hit, falling significant heights, being electrocuted, etc. cause the subjected character (especially in case of the protagonist) to reel in pain or otherwise temporarily becoming incapacitated.1994 / 201553 games
RadiationPlayer has to deal with radioactivity and radiation poisoning.1981 / 201843 games
ScarringGetting injured creates permanent scarring or similar markers of the injury.1994 / 20166 games
ToxinsThe protagonist can get poisoned to varying degrees and must deal with it somehow.1982 / 201891 games