Aim assist

Video game concept

Automatically adjusts aiming a bit to help players hit their targets.


Alternate name: Assisted aiming

The first video game about Aim assist was released on December 10, 1993.

Activision, Capcom and 2K Games has published most of these games

See also: auto-aim, target lock

Contrast: dynamic accuracy (unlikely to be together but it's not impossible)
Perhaps most clearly seen in old DOS games (such as Doom and games based on its engine) and similar where the vertical aiming is almost completely automatic with some aid in terms of horizontal aiming (though with some weapons with significant bullet spread it can't be observed as clearly).

Third-person games also have a habit of helping with the aiming. Similarly beat 'em ups and others can have this in the form of the character automatically facing more directly towards the closest opponent.

Can occur in two ways:
* Aim direction is adjusted towards the enemy within small radius, essentially fixing minor aiming errors.
* Minimal target lock where the view automatically follows a target (common in console games where player uses a gamepad)
... the latter is more intrusive in the sense it takes over your part of your control though still shoots exactly where you aim, the former is less intrusive but can shoot a bit off where you intend to (especially if you want to miss or hit something behind someone).
Especially common on platforms with no mouse or similarly accurate controller.

* Optional aiming assistance does NOT count (when disabled by default).
* Does not cover completely automated aiming. Usually player does not control the firing process either in such cases.

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