Alien locales

Locations theme

Any locations that try to deliver a sense of this-is-not-on-Earth.

Alien planetTakes place on a world that resembles little if at all of our Earth.1975 / 2016129 games
EtherA non-place somewhere (e.g. between dimensions). Often characterized by lack of any planet or other large firmament, but contains small islands, or even artificial structures, floating in a starry ocean without sun or moon.1993 / 201819 games
Mutant plantsPlants that have mutated to a point at which they're barely or not at all recognizable.2010 / 20115 games
Subterranean forestA forest or similar large vegetation that should only grow above ground with help of sun, rain, etc. can be found underground.1994 / 201511 games
World edgeThe farthest reaches of non-spherical worlds or possibly spherical ones as well (e.g. it has single continent). Commonly abnormally dangerous place with laws of nature being broken or twisted.2011 / 20154 games