Alien technology

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Little if at all understood alien technology or technological artefact(s) function as a major plot device.


Alternate name: Alien artefact

The first video game about Alien technology was released on August 16, 1992.

Sega, LucasArts and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

* Precursors
* Ancient machines - in case the tech isn't of alien origin and/or is quite plain in its function.
* Lost technology
Alien here means that it is portrayed in less everyday manner (it wouldn't be alien otherwise). Usually little if at all understood, but it still is central to the plot.

Possibly instances of OoPArts as well.

Some examples:
* The Dig
the transportation device, and they interact with other technology in hopes of understanding it at least enough to get back home.

* Doom 3
the soulcube primarily and the teleportation technology, others are only seen, but mostly none of it is understood at all.

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