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Female warriors ("barbarians") who live in matriarchal and largely exclusively female society where males are only temporary or lower class presence.

Hundra (Amstrad CPC)
CPC 1988
Loren the Amazon Princess (Windows)
WIN 2012-05-04
Lands of Lore III (Windows)
WIN 1999-03
Hundra (ZX Spectrum)
SPC 1988
Hundra (MSX)
MSX 1988
Severance - Blade of Darkness (Windows)
WIN 2001-02-21
Alien Nations (Windows)
WIN 1999
Legend Of The Amazon Women (Commodore 64)
C64 1986
Stendhal (Linux)
LIN 2005
Legend of the Amazon Women (ZX Spectrum)
SPC 1986
Diablo II (Windows)
WIN 2000-06-29
LIN 2016

The first video game about Amazons was released in 1986.

Dinamic, Blizzard and Winterwolves has published most of these games

Often used as a form of fanservice, though commentaries of gender equality (or female empowerment) gone wrong or some other reasons are also possible.