Ambient temperature

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player interacts with environmental heat and/or cold.


The first video game about Ambient temperature was released on August 9, 2002.

Capcom, Sega and Blue Bottle Games has published most of these games

Examples of effects:
* Hypothermia, heat exhaustion, dehydration (due to excessive sweating)
* Changes in flammability
* Changes in susceptibility to disease
* Need to seek cover from extreme cold or from the burning sun
* Plants growing worse or better in different conditions (agriculture, certain plants not growing outside viable environments no matter how their seeds get outside of them, etc.)
* Animals living off better or worse in different conditions (breeding, animal migration, animals that wander off to inhospitable environments dying off or returning to better areas, etc.)
* Frosting (weapons jamming, locks freezing, etc.)
* Overheating
* Interaction with different things changing (friction (e.g. slippery or sticking together due to freezing), chemical reactions, etc.)
* Environmental changes (water freezing, frosted/frozen sand becoming wholly solid rather than mass of granules, etc.)

The heat side does NOT include random fires though extreme heat may cause them.