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The main character is any kind angelic creature, such as plain angel, cherub or seraph.


The first video game about Angelic protagonist was released on December 16, 1985.

Nintendo has published all these games

Whether or not it entirely abides to the entities approved by the religious groups whose sacred texts mention them.

Appearance is not necessary, only the knowledge the protagonist is one. Nor is the favor of the god or gods the angel is subservient to, as long as they do not join the opposing side and become a truly fallen angel, although some exceptions can be made to this (e.g. the character outwardly retains their angelic appearance and/or nature).

This is not for the good samaritan people, only those tied to the divine by more than just blind faith.

An exception can be made to protagonists who clearly have the apperance of one even if they're not declared or implied to be of divine origin.


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