Angel of Death

Creatures entity

Include the/an Angel of Death or similar life transitioning entity.

Alternate names: Death, Grim Reaper, The Reaper, Supernatural psychopomp

The first video game about Angel of Death was released in 1986.

Blizzard Entertainment, Mindscape and dtp entertainment has published most of these games

There are quite a few interpretations on the role of the Angel of Death. He can be a benevolent entity that guides the souls of the dead to afterlife or similar, a grim harbinger of death by personally cutting people off life (thus one could presumably literally fight death), possibly some completely unnatural entity spelling premature death to anyone he visits (would imply that he does not personally see to all deaths), or a guardian or overseer of afterlife (and thus never deals with the living unless they try to enter afterlife while still alive). And these are only some of the most common depictions.

Unlike psychopomps in general, this is for purely supernatural entity that serves the same purpose.