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The player character is a non-anthropomorphic animal.


The first video game about Animal protagonist was released in 1978.

Konami, Sega and THQ has published most of these games

Does not include humans, aliens, arthropods, worms or similar. Regardless of their scientific categorization among animals, simply due to their vastly different appearance (and colloquial distinction as different) and other features as well as allowing more easily to find games with such distinct beings.

In scientific terms, this excludes mostly animals of the Phylum Arthropoda.

Also, does NOT include anthropomorphic animals. For example: if it's a known quadruped, such as a cat, but it walks on two legs, uses its front legs/paws as if they were hands (operates a remote, handles a spatula, etc.), talks about what was on TV last night, etc.. chances are pretty high that you're looking at an anthropomorphised animal and not "just" an animal.

If in doubt whether your case is anthropomorphic or not, choose anthropomorphic as it's more likely or start a forum thread to discuss the matter (better to have it correct than maybe correct).
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