Anticipatory sightings

Video game concept

Player catches glimpses of future dangers.


Alternate names: Anticipatory dialogue
Name variations: foreshadowing

The first video game about Anticipatory sightings was released on May 22, 1998.

EA Partners, THQ and 2K Games has published most of these games

Commonly short cut-scenes where the player sees the future opponent (new opponent type) scuttling about, possibly several times before actual confrontation. Often the new opponent is partially obscured, only hinting at what they are capable of.

Most dialog shouldn't be considered, not when they clearly point out what's there. Repeated warnings and/or descriptions of things you encounter only much later should be acceptable.

Sightings in normal gameplay should not normally be counted. But if the player has no way of engaging the opponent, then they may be added, especially when the scene where this occurs is mostly done to flaunt them at the player.