Anticipatory stockpiles

Video game concept

Includes stockpiles of weapons, ammo, medical supplies and/or other items in anticipation of subsequent challenges or right on site. Especially when this provides something you didn't already have that is necessary for the challenges.


Alternate names: Anticipatory shop stock, Convenient stockpiles
Name variations: foreshadowing

The first video game about Anticipatory stockpiles was released on December 10, 1993.

Nintendo, id Software and Activision has published most of these games

Especially common in FPS games where you encounter stockpiles of weapons and ammo that is needed or just helps a lot with the following (mini-)boss battle.

Unfortunately these tend to be very out-of-place, or otherwise strange.

The size of the stockpiles vary from game to game and from challenge to challenge, but the main identifying trait these all share is whatever that stockpile holds, is very likely something you'll need a second later. Such as a sniper rifle and few clips of ammo might be all you see, or a boxful of special purpose grenades.

Shops, traders, and such that (suddenly) sell more powerful items, or especially items that have special traits more suited to the nearly immediately following challenges also count. Especially when the shop/trader is found from a place where such shouldn't generally be found, such as from the middle of a "dungeon". So if you suddenly are seeing weapons sold that deal out electrical damage, you're quite sure to find enemies vulnerable to electricity soon. These are common-ish in console RPGs. Implies shopping tag.

This is NOT for the odd item placement, but for the ones that are provided in anticipation of the next phase in the game, as a sort of unsubtle prelude to what is to come.