Anti-humanitarian warfare

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Any depictions of warfare involving things banned by international humanitarian laws, such as by Geneva and Hague conventions.

Chemical weaponsWeapons that deliver toxic chemicals to their victims. Usually gaseous for easy delivery to large masses.1999 / 201118 games
Child soldiersChildren acting as soldiers, often viewed as tragic but can be seen as heroic (child doing an adult's job, especially if player is child him-/herself) or "cool" if voluntary/wanted.1997 / 201419 games
MinesPlayer can set mines and other explosive devices that detonate by some trigger - such as proximity, pressure, tripwire or any other.1983 / 2018160 games
Thermal weaponsIncludes weapons with the purpose of setting things on fire or otherwise burning them.1982 / 2016217 games