Application Programming Interfaces

Software theme

Audio APIs0 game
Display Control Interfacea predecessor to DirectDraw.1 game
DirectMusicA deprecated subset of the DirectSound API that allowed high level access to hardware through DirectSound. Not available to 64-bit systems.2000 / 20048 games
DirectXcontainer group
RRedlineRendition's proprietary graphics API.2 games
RSX 3D Audio APIUses the RSX 3D API for audio output.1 game
S3 MeTaL APICan use S3's proprietary MeTaL 3D rendering API for graphics.1999 / 20002 games
Steamworks APIThe software part that ties a game to the Steam community, matchmaking and other features.2003 / 2018346 games
WinG APIA predecessor to DirectX designed primarily to aid porting DOS games to 16-bit Windows. Early versions of 32-Bit Windows also supported it.1994 / 199812 games