Archaic weapons

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Weapons that are no longer in use in modern warfare.


Parent group

Practical tools
Two-handed mêlée weaponsPlayer uses or can use melee weapons that require both hands to use, such as great swords, battle axes and staves.1989 / 201780 games
AxesIncludes battle axes or similar melee weapons.1980 / 2019545 games
BlowgunsAn archaic weapon used to shoot (often poisoned) darts accurately over short distances. Modern variants usually seen as children's toys to shoot peas or other small but largely harmless objects to annoy people.2014 / 20152 games
BludgeonsIncludes bludgeoning melee weapons.1981 / 2019594 games
Bows1979 / 2019634 games
ClawsIncludes a claw-like melee weapons, similar to brass knuckles with several claw-like blades extending out.1993 / 201659 games
Crossbows1980 / 2020297 games
JavelinsShort spears meant for throwing, though historically also used for stabbing while also being armed with a shield.1992 / 201628 games
KatarIncludes any katar-like blade weapons, a sword or dagger with wrist support designed for punching.1997 / 201742 games
NunchakuA Okinawan weapon consisting 2 sticks connected by a very short chain or cord. Reliably practical only against unarmed opponents & a few other weapons1985 / 2016113 games
Pole weaponsIncludes melee weapons with a long pole as a central feature.1985 / 2019293 games
SlingsAn archaic hunting weapon used to propel small objects - usually specifically shaped rocks - at game animals.1985 / 201759 games
SpearsA stabbing pole arm.1989 / 2018146 games
Fighting StavesA fighting stick, usually hardwood, from slightly shorter than its wielder to ⅓% taller. Usable offensively, defensively, lethal, or less-than-lethal.1985 / 2019182 games
SwordsIncludes long bladed melee weapons.1979 / 20191691 games
SwordstaffsAny shortish pole arm with a sword-like blade at one end, used for either stabbing or slashing.1995 / 20094 games
Throwing knivesKnives specifically designed for throwing, though can still be used like regular knives.1988 / 201956 games
Throwing starsA small thrown bladed weapon usually with 3 to 6 points. Commonly associated with ninjas.1986 / 201580 games
Thrown weapons1979 / 2019458 games