Artificial difficulty

Video game concept

Any tags that increase difficulty in a way that the player can not counter or work around of.

Does not include concepts that are simulation or other "intuitive/realistic" causes of hardness.

Some concepts may be conditionally artificial difficulty, usually when they're unexplained (e.g. time limit that you can increase with bonuses).
Harmful touchSimply coming into contact with your enemies is enough to hurt or even kill you.1981 / 2018555 games
Instant deathThe player dies from single damaging hit of any kind, the equivalent of having never more than one life/hit point.1978 / 20181374 games
Predefined controlsOffers only single configuration of controls with no options to change the button layout or anything else.1994 / 201650 games
Randomized contentAny non-specific randomized content.2013 / 20176 games
Time limitImposes a time limit on either the whole game or for each level.1971 / 20172006 games