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Includes cannons and other indirect fire weapons.


Alternate name: Indirect fire weapons

The first video game about Artillery was released in 1975.

THQ, Electronic Arts and has published most of these games

Pre-modern examples:
* Catapult
* Ballista
* Trebutchet
* Crossbowmen (if used for indirect fire, rare)
* Bowmen (if used for indirect fire, rare)
* Musketeers (if used for indirect fire, very rare)

Early modern examples:
* Cannons, after they were pulled out from the front lines due to improved firearm technology (used for direct fire until then)
* Field guns

Modern examples:
* Warship broadside (earlier they were direct fire)
* M270 MLRS (multiple rocket launcher)
* Nebelwerfer
* T34 Calliope

Usage note: Technically artillery includes direct fire weaponry too, but for our (UVL) purposes this is used for indirect only due to lack of a simple word for indirect fire weaponry.
* Siege engines

* Artillery game - a game genre that doesn't always involve actual artillery weapons, but still follows the principles of artillery firing.
* Superguns

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