Automatic aspect ratio

Software theme

Handles almost any aspect ratio from regular 4:3 to widescreen to vertical screen without effort, with possibly only very few limitations (such as square pixels).


The first video game about Automatic aspect ratio was released in 1995.

Wisdom Tree, Microsoft and Nevrax has published most of these games

This is mostly useful for games running in a window, allowing the user to shape them as they see fit, but it also helps making games more portable to more exotic hardware where regular aspect ratios may not be of any use.

Some games have limitations on vertical or horizontal pixel resolution due to non-scaling graphics or static UI design, but with sufficiently high resolution almost any aspect ratio can be possible.

Generally any game that accepts (almost) any resolution and automatically adjusts the graphics to it, mostly how 3D scenes are projected, but also covers 2D scenes (both experience a stretching effect with incorrectly handled aspect ratios otherwise).