Display aspect ratios

Hardware concept

16:10 aspect ratioSupports 16:10 display aspect ratio.1999 / 201776 games
16:9 aspect ratioSupports 16:9 display aspect ratio.1997 / 2017129 games
2:1 aspect ratioSupports 2:1 display aspect ratio.1 game
4:3 aspect ratioSupports 4:3 display aspect ratio.1996 / 2018235 games
5:4 aspect ratioSupports 5:4 display aspect ratio.1999 / 201528 games
Automatic aspect ratioHandles almost any aspect ratio from regular 4:3 to widescreen to vertical screen without effort, with possibly only very few limitations (such as square pixels).1995 / 201518 games
Custom aspect ratioAllows user to separately define the aspect ratio of used pixel resolution, allowing display on devices with non-standard pixel size (e.g. rectangular pixels instead of square).2003 / 20096 games
Automatic wide aspect ratioCan attempt to automatically adjust to wide aspect ratios besides those it supports directly.2005 / 20084 games