Attribute-based equipment

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Items, even trivial ones, can't be used unless you meet certain basic and often quite arbitrary attribute limitations.


The first video game about Attribute-based equipment was released on December 1996.

Blizzard, Runic Games and Namco Bandai has published most of these games

Such as battle axe requiring strength 16, rapier requiring dexterity of 14, book on esoteric mechanics requiring intelligence of 18, and so forth. This tag is for cases where the game absolutely requires the stated attribute values or higher before the player can even try using them. Usually the attribute requirements rise with for how high level character the equipment is for, so instead of having clear level requirement, it has attribute requirement that reflects the level.

A more realistic case is where the attribute requirements only state how much you need to fully take advantage of the item (e.g. rapier's attack speed might not be optimal for characters with less than the stated requirement, but these are likely to increase the attack speed beyond what is stated when the attribute overflows the requirement). Though even in such cases the reduction in efficiency can seem so abnormal that they should be tagged with this anyway. This makes some sense in terms of how much items weigh and therefore requiring higher strength to wield them, but in case of anything else it's unrealistic.