Periodic autosaves

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Game progress is periodically (usually every 5 to 15 minutes) saved without any action from the player needed.


Alternate name: Timed autosaves

The first video game about Periodic autosaves was released on September 1997.

Kalypso Media Digital, Polytron and Atari has published most of these games

Saving: free*, points*, auto, checkpoints, code, quit*, none

* denotes player initiated saves

Possibly related
Save RAM (Hardware)
The most important part is that the saves occur every n minutes or seconds.

  • Autosaves that occur at specific locations instead of being triggered by some timer should be marked with autosave points instead.
  • Autosaving at the end of timed mission/level is the same as autosave point, so autosaves does not cover them either.
  • Autosave at the start of a mission/level falls also under autosave points.
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