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AGS Award for Best AnimationOne of the Rogers (AGS Awards)2003 / 20062 games
AGS Award for Best Character Art2003 / 20062 games
AGS Award for Best Music2003 / 20062 games
AGS Award for Best Room Art2003 / 20062 games
Electronic Games Arcade AwardsElectronic Games gave awards from 1980-1993 to game released the previous year (1979-1992)1 game
CGW Hall of Fame AwardAwarded by Computer Gaming World Magazine. CGW itself has won an Origins Award.1 game
Award: Game Developer's Choice Award for Best WritingThe Writing award recognizes the overall excellence of writing in a game - including, but not limited to, story, plot construction, dialogue, branching narratives, etc.2002 / 201616 games
SPA Gold Disk Award1 game
BAFTA awardAny award granted by BAFTA.1997 / 20126 games
Award: CES Software Showcase Most Inovative Software4 games
ECTS AwardThe European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) was an annual trade show for the European computer and video game industry which first ran in 1988 with the last event occuring in 2004. The exposition was only open to industry professionals and journalists.1994 / 201636 games
Game of the YearReceived Game of the Year award from any notable publication, awarded to single game of any genre each year.1996 / 201656 games
Award: Home of the Underdogs Top DogAn award given out by the Home of the Underdogs website.1995 / 20043 games
Award: IGF Seumas McNally Grand PrizeAn award given at Independent Games Festival. [url][/url]1999 / 201019 games
Award: IGF Innovation2001 / 200914 games
KRI awardReceived an award the at any of the Russian Game Developer's Conferences (Конференция Разработчиков Игр).2005 / 20154 games
The Linux Game Tome's Game of the Month Award2 games
Metacritic's 'Best game of the year' Award2005 / 201626 games
Metacritic's 'Dud of the year' Award2005 / 200824 games
Origins Award Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Computer Game1 game
Prix Ars Electronica AwardThe Prix Ars Electronica is awarded yearly the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation, digital culture and music.1 game
Seiun AwardAn award given out by the Japanese National Science Fiction Award Convention for sci-fi entertainment achievements. "Seiun" means Nebula.1 game