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Video game concept

The game plays out even when the player is not logged in or running the game. The player character does not necessarily do anything during this time, but can be interacted by the environment and other players where available.


Alternate name: Offline progress

The first video game about Background progress was released in 1989.

Bethesda Softworks, 22 Cans and CCP Games has published most of these games

For MMOs this means that the player character remains in the game world regardless if the player is logged in or not and performs basic duties there as dictated by AI. This may also mean the player's characters and such may be attacked during the time they aren't actively playing.

For offline games this likely means that the game either runs as a service/daemon or similar and continues progressing the game even when the main game application isn't running, or it progresses events proportional to the time since the game was last played as part of game launch.

This is the norm for many browser based strategy games.


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