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Alternate name: Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

The first video game about BASIC programming language was released on January 23, 1966.

Creative Computing, NEUC and EAG has published most of these games

This is for the programmic language, for basic games, see simple gameplay.
Implies the game is easily portable between an extremely wide variety of platforms.

Commodore BASIC applications can be run natively on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows using cbmbasic; no emulator required; CPU independent. Speed depends about 1:1 on CPU MHz. A Commodore 64 representing 100% speed with its 1MHz CPU will be matched by anything else with a 1MHz CPU, whereas a 1GHz gets you 1000% of that speed.
run cbmbasic for interactive mode (its like booting a Commodore into BASIC)
run cbmbasic game.bas to run game.bas
or create scripts in Commodore BASIC language:

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