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Runs on the BeOS Operating System.


Alternate name: ZetaOS

The first video game about BeOS was released in 1990.

Edge's World, New Breed Software and LGames has published most of these games

BeOS and Haiku games should be added to the BeOS platform. However, since not game work on both, the "beos" and "haikuos" tags should remain on the game entry. Indeed, every entry in the BeOS platform should have one or both tags depending on the compatibility of the game.

BeOS is an PC operating system by Be Inc. that began in 1991. Initially it was only for the BeBox PC but later was ported to PowerPC (to run on Be's own PPC systems and later for Macs) and Intel x86 (to run on IBM PC clones). It took advantage of symmetric multiprocessing. The GUI was created for "clarity and a clean, uncluttered design". BeOS was discontinued but various replacements are offered and new games continue to be developed.

Apple was in negotiation to use BeOS as the seccessor to to their classic Mac OS. But they were unwilling to pay what amounted to $200 million to use BeOS. Instead they purchased NeXT in 1996 for $429 million and used the NeXTSTEP operating system as the base for their OS replacement.

BeIA was a version of BeOS optimized for internet appliances and embedded systems.

In 2002 Be Inc. sued Microsoft for forcing Hitachi and Compaq not to offer BeOS to its customers. Microsoft settled out of court for $23.25 million.

BeOS is not a UNIX-like OS. BeOS is not UNIX any more than Windows XP is UNIX.
BeOS includes a partially POSIX complaint console (a version of BASH). Through various compatibility layers, some other UNIX and Linux applications and games can be run. This does not make it Linux, UNIX, or a UNIX-Like operating system. Windows XP can run more UNIX or Linux games than BeOS by adding full POSIX compliance. A full version of BASH is available for XP. There are more compatibility layers available for Windows XP than for BeOS which allows XP to run more UNIX and Linux applications than BeOS. No one would think of Windows XP as UNIX-like, so why would they think BeOS with its lesser NIX compatibility would be?

ZetaOS was a continuation of BeOS based at least partially on sourcecode from the never officially released BeOS R5.1 . Turns out ZetaOS was based at least partially on stolen sourcecode. Access co has stopped new versions of ZetaOS but has allowed the current ZetaOS to be bundled with various hardwares and has not have any versions of ZetaOS recalled.

Haiku is a free and open source operating system that maintains x86 BeOS compatibility while updating to modern hardware and different architectures (but x86 BeOS compatibility only applies to x86 systems). Haiku developers include a person dedicated to a "Game Kit" and a person deadicated to an "OpenGL Kit" to aid in development and operation of Haiku games and Haiku game APIs.

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