Creatures theme

Characters or other entities that (under certain conditions) fight in uncontrollable frenzy, attacking anyone in their way or near them regardless if they're friend or foe.


Name variations: berserks, berzerkers, berzerks, confusion, charm

The first video game about Berserkers was released on December 21, 1998.

2K Games, Beamdog and EA Partners has published most of these games

See also: ragers
Should not be used simply because someone is labeled a berserk(er), but rather how they behave. A generic berserker wields axes (commonly one in each hand), clothed in furs or is mostly naked and generally resembles a viking, regardless if they fight in frenzy (besides screaming battlecries).

Includes also presence of magic, drugs, or other things that can cause anyone to behave this way.

Status effects, magic or such that cause confusion or charm effect usually inflict this on others.