Binary color

Hardware theme

Uses two colors exclusively with no shades in-between.


Name variations: binary colour

The first video game about Binary color was released in 1975.

Mindscape, Artsci and Infocom has published most of these games

Anti-aliasing introducing some shades should not be used as a reason to omit games from this if it is the only source of it (and not overdone).

Should not really be used on systems that are incapable of anything but this.

Stippling is fairly common method of creating illusion of shades with this.

Parent group

Color depth


Mac OS Classic 418
Epson HX-20 50
Linux 8
custom 7
NeXT 6
Ohio Scientific 3
Tandy Coco 2
Win3.1 1
Tatung Einstein 1
Atari 5200 1
ZX Spectrum 1
Windows 1
Arcade 1
Amstrad CPC 1
Apple II E 1
Dragon32 1

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