Blank protagonist

Video game concept

The protagonist (almost) completely lacks characterization of any kind, leaving everything for the player to decide or fill in.


Alternate name: Uncharacterized protagonist

The first video game about Blank protagonist was released on March 26, 1994.

Valve, Blizzard Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks has published most of these games

This is generally used in cases where the protagonist is exactly what you decide and nothing more, a blank slate to which you project your image of the protagonist.

Commonly unvoiced, has little dialog and if there's any it's very much under your control (with usually around 3-4 solutions to cover major archetypes or just the most basic possibilities: e.g. good, evil, indifferent and joker).

A very common trait of western RPGs.

This may imply the plot is not truly driven on by the protagonist at all (not character-driven), but rather people that come into contact with him/her or something else.

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