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Despite characters getting shot, stabbed, or otherwise mutilated, there's no blood.


The first video game about Bloodless was released in 1975.

Capcom, Cellar Door Games and ReadySoft has published most of these games

* Damage flicker
* Hit flash
* Discolored blood & alien blood

* Splatter - in case the blood splatters quite visibly.
* Blood & gore - for cases where the amount of blood and carnage is much greater than some can stomach.
* NOT for the lack of red blood. Game is bloody even if everyone in it has green glowing blood (it's still blood).
* NOT for games with no organic characters partaking in combat

Usually done to avoid mature rating or not to rile misguided humans who think realistic depiction of violence causes people to get more violent and eager to try it rather than this where shooting people with a rocket launcher seemingly just makes them fall unconscious.

Often any sign of blood is obscured under bright flashes of light.

Personally I'd claim bloodless games are more likely to cause people to try it for themselves, since "hey, no-one's getting hurt, right?"

Parent groups

Censorship, Unrealism, Violence Concepts

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