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Indexed by Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien/Schriften, making the game difficult to obtain legally in Germany.


The first video game about BPjM/BPjS indexed was released in 1982.

Virgin, Rockstar Games and American Laser has published most of these games

An indexed game can be made available in Germany under the following legal restrictions:

  1. Cannot be sold, provided, or accessible to minors without exception.
  2. Minors must never see it.
  3. Indexed games must be physically handed to an adult customer with ID.
  4. Renting can only be done on property where minors are not allowed.
  5. It must not be imported by mail, not even to adults.
  6. Minors must never see ads or announcements for the game.
  7. Violating one of these requirements makes on guilty of all of them.
  8. Reviews, criticism or discussion of indexed works cannot be accessed by minors.

Requirement 3 makes shipping a hassle, so basically its only available in retail stores.
Requirement 4 is why there are virtually no rental outlets in Germany that allow minors inside.
Requirement 5 practically means you must manufacture it in Germany in order to sell it there.
Requirement 8 is not legally established, but followed by publishers nonetheless, so it may as well be law.

There are minors all over the place in Germany (the haven't been indexed yet). This basically means an indexed work must be made in Germany in a place were kids are not allowed. It must be handed secretly from adult to adult, and never seen, advertised, announced, heard, discussed, reviewed, or critizised, anywhere their are kids (including Germany). So busnesses that employ minors must have nothing to do with it, parents must have nothing to do with it, people who might be around kids must have nothing to do with it.

But it is not a ban.

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