Bronze Age theme

Historical theme

Depicts an era similar to that of before middles ages and likely before antiquity, but not necessarily predating recorded history as the real-world bronze age did.


The first video game about Bronze Age theme was released in 1987.

SSI, Choice of Games and Data East has published most of these games

Preceded by:
* Stone Age

Succeeded by:
* Iron Age
* Antiquity
This does NOT imply metallurgy to be limited to bronze age state, mostly just the aesthetics and state of the cultures and nations.

Traits: (not all necessary apply and not all are of equal value for the setting)
* Technological advancement is limited, metalworking is sparse
* Nations are rare and/or small, city-states are more common
* Tribals, nomads, barbarians, and such are common-ish
* Literacy is likely low or nonexistent, books and writing are as such limited
* Clothing is likely simplistic, such as loincloths, furs, togas, and similar

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