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Some beings can inject some small being(s) into the bodies of others, bursting from their bodies when they die or shortly after being injected (usually killing the host). These newborn then go about acting on their own.


The first video game about Broodlings was released in 1998.

Blizzard Entertainment, Valve and Blizzard has published most of these games

In gameplay terms, this can usually be reduced to: create a new unit by killing another, or create new unit by marking a target and killing them otherwise, or create a new unit by marking a target (delayed but not necessarily lethal variant).

There are no realworld examples for this, as any real world example would inevitably be viral creatures example as the only "broodlings" that are spawned are actually the real young of the creatures that did it, not some secondary being that lives on its own as this tag implies.
See also: viral creatures (in case the "broodling" is actually another of the ones that infected the target)